Problems continue sending identity cards to the Spanish Consulate in Havana

cuba directory is closely monitoring the situation Citation For main procedures at the Spanish Consulate in Havana. However, there is a more worrisome problem: delays in the delivery of credentials.

According to several users on the social network, this week they began to receive credentials corresponding to the month of August, indicating a delay of five months in the delivery of the information necessary to access the appointment system of the Spanish consular headquarters.

A Cuban citizen wrote: “The certificates for August 2 arrived today, along with the volumes and folios for the month of July.”

over the past Advertisement There has been little progress in sending the certificates through the Consulate. In fact, a letter has been circulated condemning the irregularities in the process of obtaining credentials and the management of appointments.

In LetterAddressing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Cooperation (MAEC) and the Ministry of Justice of Spain, it described the number of “massive and unjustified rejections of credential requests at the consular headquarters in Havana” as “unacceptable and extremely worrying”. , without presenting a coherent explanation or valid justification.

Certificate from the Spanish Consulate in Havana

The text states that “the lack of clarity and transparency not only violates the rights of applicants, but also raises serious doubts on the legality and equity of the system, suggesting possible relationships between third parties (natural or legal persons) ” Profiteering from potential vulnerabilities in infotelecommunications.

Similarly, the letter signed by the Coalition of Descendants of United Spaniards urges that “the integrity of government institutions must take action to restore citizens’ trust through concrete and transparent actions.”

They say, “We urge the competent authorities to immediately and seriously address this situation to ensure a fair, transparent and efficient process for all citizens.”

“Very good. It was very clear and concise. With Law 52, ​​the document was sent and they sent the date, day and time of the appointment, but so much nonsense promotes corruption,” commented one affected person.

Someone else said, “I fully support this letter, the mass denial of credentials and now a delay of up to 6 months is very unfair.”

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