Proxima – Aline Vinokur – review

Summarizes: Sarah is a French astronaut who is about to leave Earth for the year-long Proxima mission. When the astronauts dress in strict conditions, only women among people, they prepare for separation from a girl of 8 years.

Criticize: We begin as movie regulars, where we are transported in the best science fiction films of Mars or the Moon. This work, the work of the brilliant Alice Winokur, is a recording that imagines the astronauts at the front of the envelope in space from the perspective of a woman, Sara Loro, who is not in her memory. a doctor, but above all a divorced woman, partagee entre sa vie professionalnelle et son devoir de maman. Vinokur’s cinema is a gift to militant cinema with female characters who are integral and courageous in cultural and social circles, in particular dedicated to the issue of women’s emancipation. A realistic story that crosses the purpose of this heroine beyond the norm, at some point when women do it to benefit from professional opportunities, return to motherhood and survive, put in a lot of effort and effort for male colleagues and plus d’être déconsidérées or reduites à des objets de desir.

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Next this name is not in the center of entertainment, or in selected interstellar travel, nested in limited worlds that oblige the efforts of intellectuals and physiques, absolutely terrifying. The power lies in the confirmation that the implementer is très bien documentedée. The discovery revealed the infernal machines that prepared the astronauts for the unfathomable mission, the medical arsenal that was surrounded, and the physical and psychological pressure that everyone was under. At the last stage of high-level sports activities, as well as applicants, the point of corruption of eux-mêmes is found in the place where there is deep love, or refusal of leur propre humanité. Le no-dit, le mensonge, la rivalry, l’lack of empathy occupy the heart of the relationship between professionals among university and amateur teachers. Le lâcher-prise, la douleur n’ont pas de Place dans ce monde or le machisme demeure la valeur Centrale.

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Sarah, as interpreted by a stunned Eva Green, represents the thickening of the battle for an honest partner, a son, an engagement and a son who wants to participate in the history of the conquest of outer space. The film met in the world, in the finale of the general genre, in the arsenal of female astronauts, which demonstrated that ont été à la fois très nombreuses and finalement minorities, in the Univers masculin et orgueilleux. About this sci-fi movie loin. After all, l’exploration spacee demeure une opportunité scénaristique pour la conter la lutte des femmes, afin de faire valoir leurs compétences qui prévaut dans tous les univers professionalnels. On pourrait d’ailleurs voir beaucoup d’excès dans lalation entre la mère et la Girl. In fact, as modern Western societies assign women a dominant and exclusive role in the education of children, it is au mépris de leur carrière. But we suggest never seeing yourself in demagoguery. Sarah makes mistakes in education and profession not for the sake of her mother’s function, but for her daughter’s love interest.

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Comedy characters engage in heartfelt reading. Of course, la mise en scène souffre d’un academisme, l’écriture des personnages ver parfois dans la radicalism or caricature. Even more strength to affirm that this is all that is pleasant – to surrender to the beauty of the relationship between this woman and her girlfriend. The viewer is taken into a social cinema, expansive or catastrophic, and can be projected into this love affair, in pure obviousness. I can’t wait to walk past this inner beauty and physique in my Sarah with rare determination. Next Pay tribute to the ensemble of single women who is the composer in the role of parental, necessary material and economic law. Le découragement n’est jamais loin et l’example of Sarah, extraordinaire, est peut-être une invitation à poursuivre or the beginning of the struggle for all these lonely women, que la société condamne for the majority among them à la pauvreté et au Mepri.

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