PS5 could receive a really important update soon

A new patent from Sony would suggest a big change coming up PS5, more particularly tied to a double thread to the UI (i.e. the User Interface), something that could also affect all future PlayStation consoles.

In recent months the owners of DualSense have had the opportunity to test various changes to the firmware of the current-gen platform, which could soon be approached by other novelties of a certain thickness.

Moreover, a patent called “Cover for Electronic Device” recently showed what would appear to be the official colored shells for PS5.

Not to mention that recently Mark Cerny had the opportunity to explain in more detail the PS5 creation process and how it was decided to implement various features.

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, the new patent describes a system that allows players to switch to other applications on their console without having to leave a game.

This would in fact be a big step up from the current UI, which forces players to return to the home menu before being able to enter other applications.

Filed earlier this summer and released on November 18, 2021, the patent focuses on a UI window that would appear above a certain running game.

Through this window, players would be able to access other applications like streaming music, the PlayStation Store and more.

The patent notes, however, that streaming music may require the player “to pause the game application, return to the home page and select the music streaming icon.”

You can see for yourself the concepts of the official patent just below:

In addition, players will be able to access their favorite application through a series of interfaces called “Action Cards”. These can be recalled or answered using the new pop-up window of the UI, at the point chosen by the player.

Finally, various display options should also be included, including a picture-in-picture mode for streaming music, as well as a pin-to-side mode which places the application in addition to the game screen.

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