PSG’s millionaire offer to Ousmane Dembélé

The future of Ousmane Dembélé continues to be an unknown and the doubt will probably remain until the end of the season. FC Barcelona has transmitted to the player the desire that he continue at the Camp Nou and he would be prioritizing that possibility, but the economic factor is what continues to distance both parties.

In recent days it has been reported that Barça increased its offer to convince the French player to convince him and that it would amount to 20 million euros gross per season, a figure that, although it is far from his initial request, has caused Dembélé to begin to rethink his situation and assess staying at the Camp Nou for a few more years .

However, the reality is that Dembélé would have a very ‘juicy’ offer on the table to go to Paris Saint-Germain next season. According to information from the journalist Toni Juanmartí, the Frenchman received an offer a few days ago from the French capital with which the Parisian team promises him 17 million euros per year (net) plus a signing bonus for arriving as a free agent.

From the Parc des Princes they have not received, for the moment, a response from the international with France, but they have made it clear that they are not in a position to negotiate and that the figures that have been presented to him in the initial offer are the only ones that they handle for his possible transfer in the summer. In addition, they gave him twenty days to answer yes or no.

Dembélé would like to stay at the Camp Nou

Toni Juanmartí has ​​reported, on the other hand, that Ousmane Dembélé’s intention would continue to be to stay in the Barcelona team and that is waiting for the final offer from the clubwhich will probably take a little longer to arrive because Barça wants to try to increase the number, although at the moment it is complicated by the restrictions due to the salary limit.

The proposal would arrive, according to the same information, in the coming days or weeks, but Dembélé understands that Barcelona will not be able to match the financial offers from clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, but he would agree to stay if the differences between what the club offers and what he asks to renew his contract are reduced.

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