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PSV Eindhoven and Borussia Dortmund drew 1-1 and left for the second date the offer of a clash that started excitingly and faded once the score was level, with the promise of a return match on German soil stopping both sides. He sped up and slowed down in the draw, which gives the Dutch a chance to reach the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in 17 years. For Dortmund this would mean finishing in the top eight of the tournament for the fourth time in the last decade. They’re up against two classics, two continental champions who have seen better days, so they leave more entertainment and uncertainty than talent at this point. Everything remains open.

PSV has less economic power, but it is in a winning dynamic and does not allow itself to be easily dominated. Unbeaten in domestic competitions, they have only been beaten by Arsenal in the Champions League and Feyenoord in the Cup this season. The Dutch leader could be a great player in the Bundesliga: he presses, constantly moves and relies on veteran De Jong in attack, who shows his ability to switch between central defenders and open spaces for his strikers, such as Tillman, who was able to score twice before the break. This was done by Malen, a striker whom Dortmund signed from their rivals for 30 million euros. It was he, who applauded the fans, who realized after Borussia’s ambush on the flank to win the ball and assemble an attack into three passes. Malen scored from a close angle to guide the team and avoid Meyer, the German team’s reserve goalkeeper, called up to training camp minutes before kick-off after announced Kobel was injured in the warm-up. up.

The goal came midway through the first half and there was almost no reaction from PSV because whatever they built was met with an attack that was somewhere between harsh and outright. But his only plan was to persist, and once he returned from the break he did so with as much faith as he did so until Hummels brought down the inevitable Tillman in the box. Luuk de Jong didn’t forgive the penalty and started a new match because Dortmund neglected the precautions and PSV held back the reins a little, as if a draw didn’t seem like a bad result. The locals played the ball harmoniously to minimize the effect of the opponent’s transitions, who were looking at the goal in some kind of strategic action. The effort the match required also contributed to its slower pace. Ultimately, Dortmund liked the local white flag offer, so things went downhill. Ambitions and acceleration were blurred by the anticipation of a verdict that would not be known until March 13 on the banks of the Ruhr.

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