Psychological advice for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Separate after plusieurs années désormais, Kim Kardashian and etc. Kanye West regulation of the font parler d’eux ces derniers temps. Ojourduy, in the opening “Advice from a psychologist” about the relationship between two celebrities.

Kanye allows Kim to remain flexible »

After their seventh wedding anniversary, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are separating in 2021. The Chicago rapper has ramped up his anger over the fate of his ex-woman’s son in his various media appearances.. This is in the context of psychology Daniel McGraw this is the most confidential information at Entretien Accordé au Sun. Interrogation on “The Lakella Situation” with two starsstated, in the proposed retranscriptions Gentsu :

Le discours de Kanye Montrait des Narcissiques. And they contain declarations of greatness, law and aggressiveness. He may be incapable of empathy or be incapable of kissing other people. These traits can make co-parenting difficult. This and other attacks on Kim Kardashian seem to reflect Kanye’s appearance as his best parent.. »

Dr. Danielle McGraw concluded with advice for the former couple: “ I never advise criticizing other parents of children or children in their home or in a public place. My best advice to Kanye and Kim is to learn how to be parents in the right family. Bien qu’ils ne soient pas toujours obligés de s’underment, il serait très useful de se respect reciprocity. Kanye allows Kim to remain flexible. Afin qu’elle puisse être parent in his manners. »

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