Public Health Continues Orientation and Fumigation Day

SANTO DOMINGO.- Public health teams continued this Friday with himApproximate and fumigation days curb the spread of mosquitoes and try to reduce the number of dengue cases, which total more than two thousand reported in just a few weeks of the year.

Convinced that education will be a deadly weapon against dengue, Public Health held lectures at several educational centers and communities on how to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. who transmit the disease, information is also detailed on the posters distributed.

These recommendations were well received by the educational community and residents of this and other sectors visited, who stated that due to the increase in mosquito numbers, they had determined their measures to prevent dengue fever.

However, residents in sectors such as Los Guandules and Simon Bolivar are hoping that medical personnel will go to their areas to combat the vector.

In addition to the guidelines, public health teams placed abate in tanks and tanks to prevent them from becoming mosquito breeding grounds.

According to the Ministry of Health, 2,816 cases have been reported over the past four weeks.

According to health authorities, educational centers that received previously scheduled orientations will be disinfected on Fridays at dusk to avoid disrupting the academic calendar.

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