Pubs du Super Bowl 2024: voices of celebrities who know you

Qui dit manche du Super Bowl are advertising campaigns with additional budgets and additional distribution of the big films of the past year. From Post Malone with Beckham, you’ll learn how these vedettes appeared in your first appearance at the start of the NFL finals.

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Chris Pratt – Pringles

In se laissant pousser une imposante mustache, l’acteur vedette des Films Les Gardens de la Galaxy Remind me of the man sitting on Pringles and tell me I need to scout out his face on the phone when he comes to the discriminator.

David and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer – Uber Eats

In an Uber Eats commercial, the Beckhams parody a clip from the Netflix documentary about M.I Beckham is the last graduate of the class, alors que son mari la somme de dire la verité. Also find out what bites Friends Seront ravis de voir thiste publicité..

Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Creed and Tua Tagovailoa – Paramount+

The platform for the Paramount+ sequel is in my package to invite actors Patrick Stewart and Drew Barrymore, as well as Creed and the Miami Dolphins quarter-ship, Tua Tagovailoa, to participate in the advertising campaign.

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart – BIC

Pour promouvoir son briquet qui que les brules les doigts, BIC is an incredible trio from the past that will reunite the country vedette, the iconic rapper and the queen of their country.

Connor McDavid, Christian McCaffrey, CeeDee Lamb, Alex Morgan, Ronald Acuna Jr., Joe Burrow – BodyArmor

In 30-second ads or AI metrics, BodyArmor sports bodywork matches some of North American sports’ greatest accomplishments. Chances are there is no salary cap in the pub!

Peyton Manning, Post Malone and Dana White – Bud Light

Fidel, the Super Bowl announcer, Bud Light is back. This time we have found a genius who allows us to study amateur voices in football. All is going well when Peyton Manning, Post Malone and Dana White show up and the T-Rex enjoys the holiday. “Coupable” released by Post Malone.

Zach Braff, Donald Faison and Jason Momoa – T Mobile 5G

To sell 5G Internet connectivity, what’s most… goes back to an era when the Internet didn’t exist and it didn’t hold back the success of the film flash dance de Anne 1980: What a feeling. Song in a box by Jason Momoa for pirouette.

Christopher Walken and Usher – BMW

The German brand was inimitable, all with the voice of the famous actor Christopher Walken and the Malgridian efforts of Plusov’s bad people, in an advertisement that was also found in the vidette celui qu’on verra sur scène à la mi-temps, Usher.

Wayne Gretzky, Vince Vaughn, Tom Brady – BetMGM

The entire world can be found on the BetMGM website. Vraiment tout le monde? In the whole world, other than Tom Brady, we will explain actor Vince Vaughn. It seems you know, il a passez gagné, Tom… How laisse la chance aux autres!

Arnold Schwarzenegger – State Farm

It’s M. Universe, Conan-le-Barbarais and Terminator, but most of all in the State Farm Super Bowl commercial, Arnold Schwarzenegger is crazy… the insurance agent hero doesn’t focus on most of his colleagues excursion plateau.

Ice Spice – Starry

America’s newest rap sensation debuted in Super Bowl commercials as Starry, PepsiCo’s new soda and her do-gooder friends Lem and Lime.

Addison Rae – Nerds

Decisively What a feeling to inspire advertising. After T Mobile Nerds Who Want to Wash Candy in an Ad That Meets This TikTok Star, Addison Rae, Becomes a Special Level Dance Instructor.

Scarlett Johansson, Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith – M&M

Qu’ont en communs ces quatre-là? Ils ont tousfailli gagner quelque chose. Scarlett wins the Oscar and the other three win the Super Bowl. When you open it, you will find an M&M in the form of a bag of champions. Chance!

Tina Fey and Glenn Close –

Comedian Tina Fey talks about the embarrassment of choosing when she dials in the selection times based on a destination on the platform when she does it twice. Glenn Close appears in this ad.

Jeremy Renner – Silk

Having failed to die in an accident, actor Jeremy Renner proves that he is in good shape and ready to leave his youth behind with agility inouïe en chantant. I feel myself good in this pub du lait aux amandes, also in the voice of the girl Ava.

Martin Scorsese – Squarespace

Dans ce qui est la première publicité en carrière d’un des plus grands americans vivants, des aliens come into contact with humans, most of all those who are ignorant, rivés qu’ils sont à leurs écrans. Solution? Create a website with Squarespace.

On Verra too

  • Lionel Messi and Jason Sudeikis – Michelob Ultra
  • Anthony Hopkins – STõK Cold Brew
  • Kris Jenner – Oreo
  • Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman – Mountain Dew
  • Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson – Hellmann’s mayonnaise
  • Jenna Ortega – Doritos
  • Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharp – OIKOS
  • Meghan Trainor – elf
  • Eric Andre – Drumstick

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