Pumpkin Key for sale: private island near Miami reduces price

The luxury real estate market is particularly focused on selling Pumpkin Key, an exclusive island with access to South Beach and the Ocean Reef Club. (Pumpkin Key Island)

In the exclusive real estate market Florida KeysThere was an interesting proposal: pumpkin keyprivate island for sale US$95 million. The property, which was initially valued at $110 million in 2014, according to the agency. Miami New Timeshas a prominent position in the market and occupies an area of ​​approximately 10.52 hectares (26 acres) in one of the most desirable locations in USA.

pumpkin keylocated in Card Sound Bay near Key Largo, combines privacy and accessibility. Despite its isolation, the island is only one hour by car Miami International Airport and ten minutes by helicopter South Beach. Its proximity to key urban centers makes it attractive option for those looking for a secluded place without complete isolation.

The property includes a main house of 273.37 square meters (2,942 sq ft) with Three bedrooms And three and a half bathrooms. The island’s private marina can accommodate up to 20 boatsincluding space for a mega-yacht, and the tennis courts can serve as a helipad, more details Miami New Times.

The private island of Pumpkin Key in the Florida Keys, now available for $95 million, combines natural beauty with upscale amenities. (Pumpkin Key Island)

In addition to the main residence, the island has two houses for teachers And apartment for a dock masteraccording to information Vlady’s private islands. This infrastructure as well as the strategic location near Miami and from Ocean Reef Club V Key Largohaving its own runway for private aircraft, makes pumpkin key exceptionally attractive property.

Forbesin its coverage of the property, notes that the cost pumpkin key he lives not so much in his residence, which is comparatively modest, but in beauty and privacy of the environment what surrounds her. The island offers lush landscape, with the possibility of development including the creation of a family resort or private club within the Ocean Reef Private Club.

He Official website of Pumpkin Key emphasizes its uniqueness because one of the first islands of the Florida Keys archipelago.. Its proximity to South Beach and easy boat access to its Ocean Reef moored land home highlight it exclusivity And convenience.

The island, which originally went on sale in year 2014was one of the most expensive residential properties in US market that year and the most expensive in Florida. Despite the high starting price, no buyer was found, leading to the price being reportedly reduced. Miami New Times.

The sale of Pumpkin Key, a private island off Key Largo, reflects the prestige and exclusivity of the Florida Keys real estate market. (Pumpkin Key Island)

He development potential The islands are of great importance. Real estate Currently it is practically undeveloped, which offers buyers the opportunity to customize it to their liking. Viable options include subdividing the land and selling it to future wealthy neighbors or turning it into a private club.

pumpkin key This is not just a private island for sale, but symbol of luxury and exclusivity in the real estate market Florida. With a reduced price and unique features, it represents an opportunity for those looking for privacy, natural beauty and accessibility in one of the most prestigious locations in the USA.

legal requirements to purchase private island in Florida similar to the processes of acquiring any other type of real estate in USA. Here are some key steps and legal considerations:

  • Zoning and Land Use Review: Check with local authorities for appropriate zoning regulations.
  • Study title: To ensure that the property has no liens or property disputes.
  • Contract of sale: Negotiating and signing a purchase and sale agreement detailing the terms of sale.
  • Inspection: Conduct a detailed inspection to identify any environmental or structural problems.
  • Certainly: Get adequate property insurance, especially since islands may be more susceptible to damage from natural events such as hurricanes.
  • Closing a purchase: Complete the closing process, which includes conveying the deed, paying property taxes and other closing costs.
  • Environmental regulations: Comply with federal, state and local environmental laws, which may include restrictions on development and protection of local wildlife.
  • Access and basic services: Plan for access to the island and provision of basic services such as electricity, water and waste disposal.

It is very important to have consultations with specialized lawyers in the field of real estate and environmental law, as well as realtors with experience in conducting similar transactions.

Additionally, you will need to ensure that you comply with immigration laws and regulations if the buyer is not a US citizen or permanent resident.

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