Putin warns Ukraine: “It could suffer an irreparable blow”

Although Not in focus since last few monthsAfter the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza Strip, The war in Ukraine continues and two years have passed since the beginning of hostilities. A conflict in which Ukraine, despite a declared retaliatory attack, Could not reclaim area to expected extent, An operation which, in the words of Vladimir Putin, President of RussiaIt was a failure.

In fact, for the Kremlin leader they are now Russian troops have “initiative” In the fighting they remain on Ukrainian territory. This Tuesday Putin assured that if the conflict continues for a long time “Ukraine will not be granted statehood.” may suffer an irreparable shock, a serious shock,

“Not only did the counter-attack fail, but This initiative is entirely in the hands of the Russian Armed Forces” the Russian leader said in a televised meeting this Tuesday. According to Putin, a conflict that is expected to continue for a long time would jeopardize Ukraine’s statehood. Over the past year, Ukrainian troops have barely advanced In the front line and south of the country.

Other news of interest

  • According to Bild, the secret document of the Defense Ministry puts the start date of this hypothetical war in the summer of next year.

  • The Ukrainian president also mentioned the three Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) as well as Moldova as possible next targets.

Putin described attacks against civilians as “barbaric”

Before this intervention, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, told the Davos Forum that Putin was a “predator” who would continue the current aggression. after which some statements Putin calls Ukraine’s latest attacks “barbaric” Against the Russian population.

Some attacks on December 30 survived More than 20 people died in Belgorod city, near the Ukrainian border. “They are trying to show that they too can do something. But instead of solving military tasks, they act in a barbaric manner., Putin condemned, “Indiscriminate weapons attacks are being carried out on peaceful places.”

Ukraine criticized for not talking to Russia

In return the Russian leader has called “Idiot” for the Ukrainian authorities. To comply with the will of the West and withdraw from negotiations with Moscow. As stated, the parties reached an agreement in istanbul cityWhich was also signed by the negotiators of both the countries.

document later Kiev rejected it after former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested it., During the talks, Putin explains, it was necessary to “give some kind of signal” that he would like to end the conflict peacefully, in addition to the withdrawal of troops from Kiev.

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