PYC Therapeutics partners with Google to develop AI-powered precision medicine

New impetus in the digital technology market. PYC Therapeutics announced its intention to work with Google Cloud and other specialized partners to develop machine learning models that will enable the creation of the next generation of precision medicines. after an initial investment of ten million dollarsnecessary to develop the project within twelve months.

Specifically, the project will seek to use the company’s proprietary medical data to predict optimal sequences and structures for new drugs. All this information will be stored on the Google Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) platform.. The company assures that “the project supports tight integration between computational (in silico) and biological (in vitro) measurements for the discovery of new drugs.”

The cooperation will also have other specialized partners, who will participate for an initial payment of $4.5 million, as they will be able to access PYC’s own dataset and capabilities. These include GoPomelo, Pte LD and a special purpose vehicle built specifically for the project.

As part of this agreement, Google will benefit by retaining the right to publish the process used to design, host and run the machine learning models used by the company’s deployed AI platform. PYC adds that it will fund “the project from existing working capital reserves.”.

PYC Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that creates and delivers novel RNA therapies to improve the lives of patients with genetic diseases. In particular, the company uses proprietary drug delivery platform to improve precision medicinesespecially in programs that take into account monogenetic diseases.

In August 2023, Grifols announced an agreement with Google Cloud to advance artificial intelligence technologies and accelerate the development of new biopharmaceutical drugs. The agreement included new technologies, rapid prototype testing and rapid scaling. From The Catalan company also believed that intensifying internal processes would help increase the flexibility of teams.

In particular, Google has developed two tools to improve drug development using AI. The first is Package for identification of targets and potential clients, designed to predict and understand the structure of drugs. Another tool is called Multiomics Luxresponsible for directing, storing, analyzing and sharing large volumes of genomic data.

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