Qualcomm would reveal its launch date

New arrival information has emerged Windows 12. Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said they hope to launch the Snapdragon X Elite, their new ARM-based PC chip. in the middle of this year. Just to coincide with the release of a new version of Microsoft’s operating system.

“We are on track to launch products with this chipset along with the next version of Microsoft Windows, which will have many of the artificial intelligence features of Windows,” Amon said during a call with investors. “We are maintaining the same Windows-based date for mid-2024 as we prepare for the return to school,” he added.

So, in addition to hinting at a release date, it suggests a not-so-surprising fact: Windows 12 will arrive with a host of AI-powered features. As part of the Copilot project, Microsoft has already integrated this technology into several of its products and services.

Windows Center announced in December that Redmond would bet on an even bigger role for artificial intelligence in the next Windows. Although it is unclear whether it will come as an update to Windows 11 or directly under the Windows 12 label.

According to the report in question, artificial intelligence will no longer work only as a virtual assistant, as is currently the case with Copilot. On the contrary, it would be technology built into the Windows shell graphical interface of the software and will constantly run in the background.

Here’s what we know about the Windows 12 launch

Microsoft, Windows 10, updatesMicrosoft, Windows 10, updates
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Another rumor suggests that Windows 12 will come with a powerful new search engine. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it will be possible to restore documents, websites and applications used in previous weeks with simple instructions. It will also be able to understand more complex commands in natural language.

Another thing that came to light is that Windows 12 may be offered by subscription. German media Deskmodder Found links to possible membership in the Windows 11 Canary channel configuration file.

Deskmodder found mentions subscription type, status and version. Microsoft already offers its other products under this model, such as Office 365. There is also a hypothesis that the basic version of Windows 12 will be offered for free with additional elements that you will have to pay for.

In any case, confirming the details will not take much time. Launch date hinted at by Qualcomm CEO matches report Commercial Times from Taiwan. Last December, the publication reported that PC makers were expecting Windows 12 to be released in June of this year.

If completed, the upgrade of users to the new software platform will be very gradual. According to Statcounter, as of December 2023, more than 67% of PC users are still using Windows 10. Although less than 27% of the population is currently using Windows 11. However, a massive update cycle is expected to occur by 2025 after Microsoft stops Windows 10 support.

If what was revealed by Qualcomm is confirmed and Windows 12 is released in the middle of this year, it will be a major change in Redmond’s strategy. After all, the operating system will be available less than 3 years after the release of its predecessor.

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