Queen Letizia’s dress that showed her abs

The garment sparked controversy especially because Letizia used it to attend a diplomatic event.

Queen Letizia is considered an icon of European fashion. However, the recent choice of her fashionista has generated controversy and above all a wave of criticism that questions whether it was appropriate or not.

The 50-year-old former journalist opted for a “cuto ut” style dress to attend the commemorative event for the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in Valencia.

His choice was considered by many as a mistake since the dress revealed part of his abdomen and therefore his marked muscles.

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“It is totally out of character for a Queen. She has believed that she is a modeluqui ”,“ I don’t like it. Little style to be the queen until ordinary it seemed to me ”,“ Now she is going to show her abs? Do you still not know that you are the queen of Spain?”, and “For a summer disco and a 16-year-old girl, very well, but for the queen at an event, I don’t see it appropriate”, were some of the criticisms that Letizia received.

However, for some, the outfit of the queen of Spain was a valid choice. “I see her fantastic”, “she is spectacular. Inappropriate? Nor that she was wearing a crop top ”,“ I love it. She loves that she is so modern” and “Well, she does well. That the monarchy has to evolve!” commented the followers in support of the queen of Spain.


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