Querétaro and Atlas and their history of violence in stadiums

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Violence and terror were once again present in Mexican soccer, because in the duel between Atlas and Querétaro, on Date 9 of Closure 2022 of the MX League there was a pitched battle and an invasion of the field.

An altercation that began in the stands between fans of both clubs suddenly escalated and ended with the entrance of a crowd of people between rioters who were looking for a lawsuit and followers who tried to take refuge.

Unfortunately, both squads have a recent history of this type of violent incident, since in the Opening 2019 the fans of Gallos Blancos carried out a fight with admirers of the Athletic San Luis which caused the suspension of the meeting.

For their part, the Atlas Red and Black also experienced a similar case in the quarterfinals of the Opening 2015 when they were thrashed 4-1 in Jalisco, which caused a sector of the Foxes’ bar to enter the field to try to attack their players.​

At the moment the suspension of the game has been reported, with the pending rescheduling to play the remaining 28 minutes; the score was 1-0 favor Atlas thanks to the first goal in the tournament Julius Caesar Furch.

They warn sanctions

The president of the MX League, Mikel Arriola pointed out that exemplary punishments will come from the lack of security offered at the Corregidora stadium.

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