Rabbit R1, an all-in-one AI mobile phone that promises to bury conventional mobile phones

The technological innovation at CES 2024 is not the revolution expected from these shows, which have always been aimed at professionals.

Few companies use these meetings to present revolutionary devices. Neither Apple, nor Samsung, nor Microsoft are offering anything new, but there are others who see a good scenario for product launches.

Rabbit R1 does not require downloading or installing applications.

This is what happened with Rabbit R1. The startup behind this achievement, Rabbit, not only introduced a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand, but also developed its own operating system, Rabbit OS. Unlike regular smartphones, Rabbit R1 does not require downloading or installing applications. Its ability to respond to voice commands is based on an innovative Large Action Model (LAM), a long-range model that allows the device to understand and perform complex actions. They want us to leave our cell phones at home and put ourselves in the hands of that orange device to make our lives easier.

Rabbit’s CEO demonstrated at the event how the Rabbit R1 can organize a ride, request VTC service through Uber, and play music on Spotify, all without the need to install special apps. This approach suggests that the Rabbit R1 could become an alternative to smartphones in the future.

Without 5G

It’s important to note that the Rabbit R1 relies on a Wi-Fi or 4G internet connection as it doesn’t yet support 5G technology. However, the ability to install a SIM card ensures constant communication anywhere. Also a standout feature is the 360° rotating camera, which is designed to offer contextual clues based on what you focus on with it.

Rabbit R1Rabbit R1

The built-in display, reminiscent of a smartwatch, and the promise of increased compatibility with various online platforms suggest that the Rabbit R1 is revolutionary not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of design and versatility.

Rabbit R1 depends on an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 4G.

The Rabbit R1 is now available to book for US$199 (approx. €180) on the Rabbit website. Unlike other alternatives on the market, it does not require any additional subscription. While the exact launch date has not been disclosed, the startup plans to make the device available in the US in March or April 2024, and is also planning global expansion, including Spainuntil the end of the year.

Rabbit R1Rabbit R1

In a market saturated smartphonesThe Rabbit R1 is an intriguing option that combines artificial intelligence, always-on connectivity, and a compact design that could change the way we interact with mobile technology in the near future.

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