Rafa Puente sees exaggerated criticism against his son; what lies behind Halftime

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It barely has two parties led in the Closure 2023but Rafael River Bridge has been the target of a avalanche of criticism by fans and commentators who do not look favorably on DT on the bench of cougars. However, for the father of the auriazul coachthese criticisms have been too savagely and even “bad milk”.

Rafael Puente Suarez talked with halftime to talk about his son’s debut as a Pumas strategist in two games where he has shown the idea he intends to print, but has also received negative comments for a coach who has prepared for an opportunity like this.

I totally disagree because my son is not impromptu, he is super capable He did the course, he has prepared, he has been in Europe, he has been close to highly prestigious coaches and his results as a coach are there, what happens is that the only thing they remember is the bad things and the statement and they have been merciless with him, it seems absurd, totally unfair, because he is a very good boy, he is a super healthy boy, zero vices, dedicated to his family and dedicated to soccer; that’s all,” he said. Suarez Bridge.

The sports analyst commented that his son has sought to prepare as a coach and when he found the opportunity to present his project to the Auriazules board of directors, he managed to convince them to receive the opportunity.

“Rafa doesn’t have to ask me for any advice, Rafa is more prepared than me. He in terms of technical direction is above my knowledge. What I have is experience, but what can I tell you, ”he pointed out.

Regarding the fact of having a contract for six monthsFor his father this does not mean anything because he assures that in football it is not a guarantee to have signed a contract for several years if the best results are not achieved.

“It is a contract for six months. If you win and the results (do not occur), there is no two ways about it; What will allow you to continue your career or renew your team with the team are the results. You can have signed for three years and if they want to sack you on the sixth date, they sack you,” he added.

Rafael Puente Suarez recalled that his son was Champion on the Rise with BUAP wolves and classified him to the First Division, where he was close to achieving a classification because they only fell to one point and he recalled that one of the reasons for not being able to do more was the injury to goalkeeper Lucero Álvarez that prevented him from finishing the semester playing.

He also mentioned that the experiences in Querétaro and Atlas They were important, but it took time to see better results.

Have you discussed with him what it means to lead Daniel Alves?

Dani Alves is the same as all the playersHe has obligations as a player, he has a signed contract and he has the advantage over the other players, he has enormous experience and his resume supports everything. It has no difficulty, I say Dani Alves is a soccer professionalotherwise he would hardly have achieved such a brilliant career.

“On that side, I don’t see any difficulty in the matter of technical direction of having Alves, like having many young people who will have the illusion of reaching (the First Division). Rather than seeing it as a problem, for a coach it is a privilege to be able to count on an element like Dani Alves if he is fit to play. And the fact that he has participated in the World Cup with Brazil is a sign that he still has rope, ”he pointed out.

For now, Rafael Puente Suarez is clear that the critics have gone too far, but Trust your child’s ability to carry out the feline project.

“I am not here to teach my son because he is quite prepared, we have the confidence and he is grateful for the opportunity. I am naturally disgusted with the criticism that without any sense, but with very bad temper, has existed ”, he declared.

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