Rafael Caro Quintero’s wife, former prisoner and beauty queen: who is Diana Espinoza?

Rafael Caro Quintero, “the Prince”, was “a savage, unscrupulous, torturer and murderer”, who “ordered to rape and dismember only on a whim”. This is how judicial police from Jalisco who were his escorts remember him, according to what he publishes Anabel Hernández in her book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”.

According to the journalist, the testimonies “narrate that he ordered and participated in acts that exceed the level of inhumanity against innocent people, such as those American Jehovah’s Witnesses who ended up dismembered because he and Don Neto confused them with DEA agents at the end of 1984″.

Where are they holding Rafael Caro Quintero?

“Still, with his violence, Caro Quintero had a public reputation as a womanizer and in love,” says Anabel Hernandez in chapter four of his book entitled “Diana, the Diva”whose common thread is the life of Diana Altagracia Espinoza Aguilar, the current wife of the drug trafficker reapprehended today July 15 in Guachochi, Chihuahua.

A Diana, his wife, Caro Quintero He met her in prison in 2010. He was 58 years old and serving his sentence for the murder of undercover DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena and pilot Alfredo Zavala, which occurred in 1985. He was sentenced in 1989 to 40 years in prison . He had already been married to Maria Elizabeth Elenes, with whom he had four children. She was 40, she also had children and was imprisoned for having been a partner of the Colombian drug trafficker Ever Villafañe.

Caro Quintero: who is his wife?

and although “Prince” was looking for a bride “young, between 18 and 30 years maximum, without children and, if possible, a virgin”, Diana was endowed “with intelligence, sensuality and a sculptural body that nature had outlined curvilinear: 1.70 tall, very white skin, big round brown eyes, full lips and refined manners not very common in those circles”. Not for nothing her inmates nicknamed him “the diva”. Plus, she turned out to be a beauty queen. She was crowned at the October festivities Jalisco Women’s Prison, in the Puente Grande Complex.

Eli Castro, host of Televisa Guadalajara

A) Yes, Eli Castro, host of Televisa GuadalajaraHe was the one who put them in touch. Their friendship began through phone calls with the capo who was then in the Jalisco Men’s Prison. Diana Spinoza he left prison in 2011. According to a judge, he was not criminally responsible for the crimes attributed to him. Then all his property, jewels and money were returned to him.

It is worth mentioning that among his properties is a residence in Cliff 304 of Jardines del Pedregal, in Mexico City. The house of more than 2,000 square meters has three levels with a fireplace, Jacuzzi, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, eight parking spaces. It has a garden fenced with volcanic stone, a swimming pool and a glass staircase.

This house was rented by “la diva” for the set of soap operas and even for drug traffickers series. “Rubí” was recorded there, starring Barbara Mori. Also the American version of “The Queen of the South”whose protagonist is Alice Braga.

“Kiki” Camarena, reason for extradition

When she came out of confinement, she started visiting “the Prince”. Thus they conceived a son, who today must be about 10 years old. Caro Quintero left prison in August 2013, due to failures in his judicial process.

Kiki Camarena

However, a few days later, new arrest warrants were issued against him, one to be extradited and tried again for the murder of “Kiki” Camarena, and the other to serve the 12 years in prison that were missing to serve the 40 years in prison to which he was sentenced.

Last interview with Rafael Caro Quintero

He just got out of jail and saw her and her son. They went to her land, Badiraguato, Sinaloa. She said she was in love and she trusted that he had already regenerated. Thus, he lived by leaps and bounds during all these years.

In 2016 he gave an interview in the midst of hiding Anabel Hernández. The journalist says that he was pressured by Diana Espinoza. In it he declared that he was no longer engaged in drug trafficking and that he did not torture or kill the DEA agent.

“I was in the wrong place,” he said. However, other witnesses point out that he participated in the planning of the kidnapping, the torture and the disappearance of the body.

According to Anabel Hernández, the Diva began the divorce process in 2020; however, it is unknown if it materialized.

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