Rafael Correa lost control and a Colombian journalist put him in his place (Video) LaPatilla.com

Rafael Correa, courtesy image.

Amid the security crisis facing Ecuador, the country’s former president Rafael Correa gave an interview that ended in a “discussion” with journalist Luis Carlos Vélez of the RCN Radio FM station.


The interview went viral on the social network

The discussion began when Vélez asked if the former Ecuadorian president wanted to return to the government, to which Correa refused to answer, insisting that it was his and his country’s problem.

Finally, at the journalist’s insistence that the former President answer the question, Rafael Correa became agitated.

“I would do it if I felt like it, I don’t need to explain it to you.”Rafael Correa assured.

Journalist Luis Carlos Velez also suffered from this, he also lost control and told the former president that he had no balls and was a dictator.

“You’ve always thought you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone, that’s who you are, an autocrat.”Said.

This situation generated reactions in Ecuadorian society, with some believing that the interview revealed Correa’s intention to return to power.

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