Rambo III, so Sylvester Stallone risked beheading


Rambo III is the film that will air this evening at 21.23 on Italia 1 and which represents the closing of the first trilogy dedicated to John Rambo, the iconic character interpreted and made immortal by Sylvester Stallone. A character who will return to the big screen also in 2008 with the film John Rambo, which was followed in 2019 by the last Rambo: Last Blood, which had the task of closing the narrative circle.

Rambo III, the plot

Released in theaters in 1988, Rambo III sees war veteran John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) seek your own tranquility in a Buddhist temple located in Thailand. While trying to find peace after all the horrors he has experienced throughout his life, Rambo is joined by Colonel Sam Trautman (Richard Crenna) which asks him to take part in a mission that will take place in Afghanistan. The aim is to help a group of Mujahedeen rebels who are facing the Soviet invasion of their lands and who want to fight to protect their independence.

Rambo, who still has his hands stained with blood and his soul stunned by pain, at first refuses the mission. But his decision falters when he is reached by the news that Colonel Trautman himself has been kidnapped and allegedly tortured by the terrible Soviet colonel Zayzen (Marc De Jonge). Realizing that he cannot turn his back on Trautman’s fate, Rambo leaves his oasis of serenity and goes to Pakistan: from there he will be driven to the Soviet base where his friend is. But Trautman’s rescue won’t be easy at all.


When Sylvester Stallone risked being beheaded

The film saga dedicated to the character John Rambo has always been punctuated by accidents and tragedies touched on the set. In the first chapter Rambo Sylvester Stallone had risked having a head-on accident while driving a motorcycle; the set of Rambo 2 – Revenge instead it was hit by a hurricane and devastated by the death of a special effects man who lost his life due to the malfunction of an explosion on the set. The third installment of the saga, directed by Peter MacDonald, it makes no difference: it was not even a curse, even in this case it came very close to touching the tragedy. In fact, while dealing with the famous helicopter scene – one of the most famous and discussed in John Rambo’s third film – Sylvester Stallone miscalculated the movements and had what the site of theInternet Movie Data Base defines “a close encounter” with one of the propellers of the means of transport. Since the engine was running, the propellers were spinning at a rather dangerous speed: if the contact between them and Sylvester Stallone had been just closer, the Hollywood actor would have been beheaded from a clean blow. Fortunately, the consequences were much less tragic and Sylvester Stallone himself joked about this incident that happened on the set of Rambo III. As written by Screen Rant, the former protagonist of Rocky commented on the incident saying: “After all, if it had happened, I would have saved a fortune on haircuts.”


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