Ramirez: “I’m taking the team to La Nucia because I don’t have support in Alcoy. I take the T-shirt and the story, Alcoyano does not disappear.”

ALCOY. Major shareholder and owner of CD Alcoyano, Juan Carlos Ramirezappeared in Alcoy at a press conference to talk about everything related to the controversy over the possible transfer of the club to La Nucia and assured: “I gave all my strength for the sake of Alcoyano more than those who stick to the shield.”

Regarding the move from Alcoyano, he stated: “I am taking the team to La Nucia because I have no support here. I take the shirt and the story: Alcoyano does not disappear. Without business, institutional and social support, I will not be able to continue living in Alcoy.. I have support in La Nucia which I don’t have here.”

Staying in Alcoy? With a viability plan and business, institutional and social support.

guarantees that if there was a feasibility study and the obligations would be fulfilled which, as he emphasizes, acquired from the mayor, can continue in Alcoy, but needs business and institutional as well as social support.

He stressed that his commitment was to invest 800,000 euros per year, “and In 20 months I invested three million euros.”, so that he would be supported with 500,000 euros and that the city council would invest in improving the pitch and in the training pitch. As for subscriptions, he estimates they need to increase from 1,300 to about 2,000 to 2,500, and he is willing to renegotiate the terms. If the conditions proposed by Ramirez were finally met, Alcoyano could start the season in La Nucia and then return to El Collao.

He held the mayor responsible. Tony French“is the main culprit of the situation, he has not fulfilled any of his obligations,” and added that the objects are “shame”, that coupled with the lack of financial support “this year I had to provide guarantees to solvent companies in the amount of 800,000 euros”, he explains that they are decisive in his decision. Ask for business support through your city council.

Ramirez emphatically described the mayor as “liar”, since he insists that he never asked for welfare money to buy season tickets, and also noted that the sports adviser assured him that he had other plans for the field that they asked for for training,” and he said I think that Alcoyano is more of a city club. With all due respect, is it the same?”

Ramirez, speaking about the transformation into SA, asks the mayor where this money for their further development came from, which has nothing to do with him: “There are many people who support Alcoyano with all their might, but they live off it. , I put my money” And he adds: “I know what I did for Alcoyano, but I would like to know what the city council did.”

“This is my society, and I will do what the law allows me to do. What the city council will have to do with me is work on viability plan” and criticized the lack of support from Alcoy businessmen, emphasizing several times that they do not even advertise. He is ready to meet with representatives of the municipality to discuss this issue, but not with the mayor: “I don’t trust him.”

The owner noted that “I can’t do this alone” and that “in La Nucia I have many friends who can help me, here I don’t know anyone, that’s what a mayor is for.” complaint against the mayor He continues and emphasizes that he is going to take “all the steps that the law allows me.” The press conference took place in El Collao and there was a police presence at the entrance, which attracted attention.


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