Ranking of the world’s most powerful passports updated: new list

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The first update of 2024 has been added to the list of the most powerful passports in the world. finland Top rated documents in over 200 countries Global Habitat Index.

The first 32 countries in the list are from Europe And only in position 33 does it emerge South KoreaAfter usa, First in America in 34, one step ahead Canada And chiliThe best Latin American countries.

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and UruguayIn that order, complete the top 5 in the region, while in the global table they appear at the bottom Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The factors that put a passport up or down in the ranking are Number of countries for which you do not need a prior visaBut not all countries give the same number of points.

For example, an open visa to the United States and the European Union automatically entitles the country to gold gradeWhile access to only one of them puts it on the level silver.

Chile is the only “Gold” in South America, while Bolivia, Cuba and Haiti are the three that do not have a “Silver” category. It should be added that countries with access to the United Kingdom grant status A bronze.

1. Finland

2. Germany

3. Sweden

4. Italy

5. Denmark

6. United Kingdom

7. France

8. Switzerland

9. Luxembourg

10. Greece

11. Hungary

12. Spain

13. Austria

14. check

15. Norway

In South America, Central America and the Caribbean, the following are the top 10:

36. Chilli

40. Brazil

46. ​​Argentina

49. Mexico

52. Uruguay

60. Paraguay

62. Costa Rica

65. Panama

66. Trinidad and Tobago

67. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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The following are the 10 worst in the world:

195. Libya

196. North Korea



199. Syria

200. Yemen

201. Iraq

202. Somalia

203. Pakistan

204. Afghanistan

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