Rare beauty: I test my bodies, Rare beauty and I seduce

I marked her Rare beauty Will Va t’elle vous faire become a body junkie?

After creation Fenty Beauty pair Rihanna In 2017, ne compte plus presented the names of people who have slipped into the cosmetics market. Si tous n’ont pas la meme force de frappe, la marque de Selena Gomez, Rare beauty, appeared at the height of the Covid epidemic in September 2020, perhaps four months later this is a real reference to the material. Les chiffres parlent d’eux-mêmes: 6.9 million subscribers instagramRevenue is estimated at plus 50 million dollars according to a special website Cosmeticize Sur l’année 2023, plus 900 million views on TIK Tak pour certain products tels que le blush Liquide… Pas de doute, il s’agit bien là de l’une des marques les most influential at the moment. If it is clearly marked, these are three confidences in its well-being and even beauty. Axé sur la santé mentale, tout en pronant la trust en soi, le Concept de Rare beauty I quickly found them publicly available. Celle qui n’a pas hésite à révéler ses failles et insécurités dans le documentaire My mind and mein the body fund Rare Impact Foundation (1% of total revenue by mark and reverse), in favor of access to healthcare and education for the world’s youth. In short, I believe Selena Gomez pour Rare beauty pourrait être “prendre soin de soi pour gagner en estime de soi.” There is nothing in this optics that could be called a reconfortant range. This désormais chose faite, choosing the Find Comfort collection, which includes a linen cream, a body milk moisturizer, a body, body and hair broom and a roll-on apaisant with essential ingredients.

What happened to Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort collection?

Encore, advertising this thought in my details, and this is probably what makes this collection a strength, plus what is an innovative product at this time. It all starts with the fact that the packaging does not resemble the old rose that was the only soul, l’apaisement. Le flacon de la crème pour les mains merite tout particulièrement que l’on s’y intéresse: at the moment of application, son bouchon se Tourne sans se déclipser (afin d’éviter qu’il ne tombe par terre) tandis que sa Forme légèrement triangulaire Est conçue pour maer les paumes des mains et ainsi, faire circuler le sang, apaiser les tens de tension, solager les articulations…

Toujours these moments of comfort, the four products represent même parfum: a concentration of citrus peels, jasmine and cashmere wood that form a slightly sour, quickly addictive scent. Level of composition, formulas cumulent également les bons points. Check out body lotion and blush, which open up all two relatively popular activities at the moment. While the first one contains niacinamide complex, liver flower extract and ashwagandha to nourish and cleanse the skin, the second one contains hydrants belonging to a combination of biotin and niacinamide. In terms of frames, I also noticed that they make the stars even brighter.

Enfin, talk about textures, toutes très légères and quick absorption, which, selon moi, are a big point for this collection. The roller has an anti-stress effect the moment you leave the toilet. Most of all in concentrated areas of vital things that prevent the feeling of grass in the aisle. Unlike the latter, celui-ci se presente sous la forme d’un gel à la menthe poivrée et à la vande qui rend à la fois l’application beaucoup plus ciblée et surtout, qui ne colle pas à la peau, tandis that cream for linen (mon produit préféré de la gamme) provides “spectacular velor”.

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