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Amber Heard posted an old photo of her on the train giving a bottle to her baby Una Page during the Aquaman and the Lost Royal tour.

Amber Heard is a melancholic girl. The 37-year-old American actress posted a slideshow of auburn-haired camera footage with her daughter Oona Page while on tour for Aquaman and the Lost Kingly World. According to the cliché dating back to 2021, a small child feels a tendency to be a person who is the son of a biberon. Born a porterwoman, Una Page Heard was born at the age of two.

“After all this time, Aquaman 2 is a breakthrough (désolé, c’est trop facile). Merci à tous me fan pour le soutien et l’amour écrasants pour le retour de Mera (son personanage dans le long métrage, ndlr)”, a superstar legend established in Madrid after many people.

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Amber Heard will publish a photo of her baby girl after April 9, 2022, the day of her premiere anniversary. “Je n’arrive toujours pas à croire que you sonis là. La meilleure année”, “avait-elle légendé”.

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The second trial with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard debuted two days later, on April 11. The verdict is that this is an important victory for former colleague Vanessa Paradis and that the actress was ordered to pay ex-Marie the sum of $10.35 million for “defamation due to abuse.” 2 million verses for defamatory declarations of the old lawyer’s son Adam Waldman.

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