re-training a few hours before the reception of FC Andorra

Real Zaragoza re-training on a pleasant sunny Thursday morning in Ciudad Deportiva. Julio Velasquez, trainer, developed his second and last preparatory lesson the upcoming match of the 23rd round, which will open with this Friday, 20:30 in La Romareda against Andorra FCthe opponent who will be in the relegation position.

It was early morning similar to the previous day. With the same main characters including German-Turkish striker Sinan Bakis, who again carried out preliminary exercises, this time not leaving the field early from Thursday. Injured Valera, Christian Alvarez and Nieto continue to work out in the gym. And support for subsidiaries Cuenca, Vaquero and Mañas continued for another day with the core team.

How the barbarity of La Liga’s planone that forced Real Zaragoza to close the previous matchday (22nd) on Monday evening in Elda (Alicante), travel home early Tuesday morning and start the first matchday of the 23rd matchday on Friday afternoon, He left only two days of wiggle room In order for the Zaragoza fans to rehearse the nuances of the duel with the Principality fans, the former was as important as the latter. Velasquez used every minute to his advantage. It’s a mad rush that wouldn’t be necessary if La Liga had shown a little prudence. with the Aragonese club and not undermine it in such an obvious way.

Velasquez dedicated nuclear energy on Wednesday refine template ideas. 30 minute conversation before work, with harsh and serious expressions that highlighted the shortcomings demonstrated by the team in Elda, both in the quality of football and in the image in the eyes of the fans, were most relevant. This Thursday, returning to my usual path, tactical aspects They gained great fame.

Andorra is a unique team. Led by Eder Sarabia, the group plays differently than everyone else in the category.. A very positional block that handles the ball very economically and on time. It’s hard to know if they’re right within 90 minutes and wishing them a good day. Velasquez is at a crossroads: to change his system or not The most common formation since he took over from Escribá: a 5-3-2 formation with three central defenders and two wide backs. Because he is missing Jair due to the accumulation of 5 yellow cards. And that opens the door for him to switch back to a 4-4-2 or similar if he feels that place in the starting line-up should not be filled by Luis Lopez. Andorra is certainly calling for change: playing at home a lot more and being one. environmentally demanding, as Zaragoza fans will be after their new mistake on the Eldense pitch.

This is the prelude to a match in the middle of the final stretch of the winter transfer market, which This will add many additional values ​​to the readings that are extracted from it.. And for the controversial points, and for the need to rise from an uncomfortable 14th position in the table, and for the final composition of the squad that will remain in 10 days, once It is determined whether there will be more exits from the locker room and, above all, the latest prospective signings are selected..

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