Real Madrid – Almeria online

The last minute of the match between Real Madrid and Almeria, live broadcast:

OOOO, good afternoon, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…….., sunny sunday MadridNice Sunday for football. Those from Ancelotti to the competition on a regular basis after winning the Super Bowl and lose to Atlético in the Cup. Wanting to regain the lead League and dispel any doubts after what happened on Thursday. There will be in front of them Almeriabottom, which drew with Girona in the last round and wants to improve in the second round.

He Madrid feel the pulse League after a bittersweet period away from her. He won Spanish Super Cup after superiority Atlético and Barcelona and was expelled from the team Cup after falling at the Metropolitano in the derby last Thursday. They will now have three weeks ahead to focus on the league title before the championship returns. Championswhere matches are as important as visits Atlético and Gironaand the poisoned one comes out earlier Getafe and Las Palmas.. will play Kepato continue with the target fare.

He Almeria visit to Madrid with the good feelings that Garitano’s team generated in the last game against Girona, which provided motivation and confidence despite not getting the victory they deserved. Of course, after 20 days without a windoing this for the first time Bernabeu Those would be strong words, although that doesn’t mean they want to stop trying. In fact, the best games Almeria This year they faced the best teams in the competition. Against Atlético in Metropolitano those of Simeone In the end they asked the time before it Barça in Montjuïc it was the same, and the final highlight was a great match they played against the current league leaders.

Now is a good time for you, between aperitif and aperitif, to come here and find out eleven, match news. Bernabeu and the most interesting data from the previous one. Let’s wait no longer and let’s get started.

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