Real Madrid: How to get to the Super Cup final against Barça?

We analyze how Real Madrid reaches the final of the Spanish Super Cup, in which they will again meet Barcelona.

MADRID — real Madrid face to face Spanish Super Cup final. against him Barcelona have something to lose. The role of everyone’s favorite makes the existing pressures historically imposed on oneself by the same organization one of the priorities that Carlo Ancelotti must manage.

ESPN sources report that the match against Atlético Madrid did not leave a good impression on the coaching staff. The meeting revealed several things. Starting with the goal, where Kepa Arrizabalaga had a bad night, doubt is important.

Ancelotti, who never believed in Andrei Lunin, was forced to change both goalkeepers to make them more competitive. However, the Ukrainian now appears to have a slight advantage over the former Chelsea man, which does not confirm that he could be the final bet in the second round.

In defense, the standouts were Antonio Rudiger, who became the best central defender of the season, and the magnificent Dani Carvajal, who showed the best start to the season in living memory. Both would be back in the starting line-up, showing that the coaching staff’s confidence when they were both at their worst was no fluke.

However, the rest of the defense remains unconvincing. In the semi-final against Atlético Madrid there were many imbalances in defense, which even led to a lack of concentration, which could be seen in Mario Hermoso’s goal. Centre-back Colchonero finished uncontested inside the box and his side’s passivity angered the Italian coach.

When defending, Ancelotti never focuses exclusively on defense, as the help of the rest of the line is important. But on Wednesday there was no collective quorum on this matter. That is why, at recent training sessions, Carletto, although he did not attach much public importance to this, emphasized that the team needed to act coherently in defense. And many voices in the dressing room say the same thing: “Because Atlético also played poorly defensively, if not for…”.

Moreover, the white team has two starting players with long-term injuries. The losses of Eder Militau and David Alaba have been key and Real Madrid suffer them in important parts of every game.

The midfield is in good spirits thanks to the return of Aurélien Tshouameni, who Madrid is unbeaten when he starts. At the moment, after the first year of adaptation, the former Monaco player is an important pillar of the lower block. In addition, support from the rest of the midfielders is vital so that they can open up in attack.

What is most worrying about the match against Barcelona are the two men who are being called upon to be differentiated. The match between Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior against Atlético Madrid was subdued in the first case and unsuccessful in the second. Although we must distinguish one from the other. The incident with the Englishman, after a year when he was a goalscorer, is associated with too many minutes and a bad day. As for Vinicius, this is perceived as normal, since after the injury he suffers from inactivity and lack of rhythm. However, these are players who know their importance in the team in the attacking aspect and know that there will be close monitoring against Barcelona.

Despite the setbacks against Atlético, Ancelotti will be looking for an uninterrupted block to live up to predictions that would make his side favorites. The Italian, like no one else, knows that even in this case, Barcelona can inflict a lot of damage on Real Madrid in one game, so his motto is to maintain maximum concentration in order to win the first title in 2024.

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