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If the Classics made one thing clear, it’s that anything can happen. At least, until Real Madrid activates colossus mode. The same one whose button was pressed by Sergio Llull today and then held by Mario Ezonha to cancel out Barça’s good start and make the match 2-0 (104-98). Because while the culé’s reaction – expected given what was seen on Wednesday – came from Roger Grimau’s board with an initial quintet that only reprized Ricky Rubio… it wasn’t enough.

Barça played better in the first two quarters, but when Llull came in… Real came and didn’t leave. And although the culés held their ground, especially trying to contain the whites with space and not allowing Tavares to easily find places to cause damage in the paint, success in the middle and long range soon became evident – which, by the way, Barça did not have, having gone into the break with 1 /2 in threes, finish the game. Chus Mateo’s team wants to reach the final as quickly as possible, and there is only one victory left to do so..


😎I confirm myself

He has long been left without qualifications. But it’s real Sergio Lull’s season is something to take your hat off to. More than anything, because this is possibly the best thing in years. Just look at what he did against Barca and how his arrival completely revolutionized the game. From the moment he stepped on the floor, Real had clairvoyance. which seemed to be lost in the early stages. More ideas on attack, energy and… tangerines. Because there was no shortage of this either.

His role was key in lighting the fuse for the white team against Barca, which started the first two quarters on a strong scoreline but eventually went into the break four down, mainly due to Mahon’s 13 points at the break. And if then He comes out in the final stretch of the third quarter and hits that over-the-horn three-pointer he was making until he tweeted (or posted on X) Luka Doncic… Little more can be said. The truth is that in a season in which it seems that two of his legends – Rudi, at least for sure – will say goodbye, that Llull has already secured his continuity and that he is thus a very important news for Real Madrid. .


😬 This made me change my mind

Barcelona had to completely change what they saw in the first match. And the truth is that he did it. Because the version with which he entered the field this Friday is completely different. Roger Grimau showed a declaration of intent from the very beginning, betting on a completely renewed quintet. compared to an environment where only Ricky Rubio replicated… And that, along with the extra attitude and zone defense, worked for him. Because because of this, Real Madrid were forced to shoot from long range, and in this sense they were not very good either… At least in the first half. Because the second part was a different story.


🤳 My wallpaper

If I had to pick a play for wallpaper, it would, without a doubt, be Jabari Parker’s third-quarter three scored by Mario Hezonja. Because of what it was and because it’s a perfect example of the version of the Croatian that has been seen in recent games.. The intensity and freshness with which Hezonja plays is enormous. In the first part, these two consecutive interceptions have already exposed the fact that he manages to see the basketball faster every time, which is also confirmed by the version of the pass that he showed (oh, what would his passing stats be if his teammates, in in such cases they would be more successful).

But is this After the break, it was he who shifted into a higher gear, entered the zone powerfully and took advantage. His Succession is in the air, although closer than not so long ago, but, of course, what arguments are being made in the room for the negotiations to end successfully.


🤔 It’s a blast…

This time it started and the truth is that it worked. Problem? If you don’t look for him when he’s on the track, his presence loses all meaning. Willy Hernangomez – attacking center. And this is understandable, because it is difficult for him to defend himself. However, if there is no system that allows him to get the ball… In fact, his statistics confirm this: 100% accuracy on 3/3 shots from two. Three balls that came to him, wow. So that Barça can make him look at it.

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