Real Madrid’s possible lineup for today’s Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund

“Courtois will play.” Final point. The final mystery, if there was one, has been solved. Lunin’s flu allowed Ancelotti to decipher his goal in one day, although the decision had already been made. And taken. The Wall of Bree will be the guardian. There are ten players ahead who are reciting to each other. The duel against Betis, in addition to Kroos’s heartfelt farewell to the Bernabeu, was a dress rehearsal. There was a Wembley player in that eleven.

As Nacho accompanied Rüdiger, another doubt surfaced. But Militao, who had not yet reached his full potential after injury, lost the battle with the white captain. And with Camavingasponsored by the absence of Tchuameni (he did not recover in time from a problem with his left leg), as a block. Carvajal and MendyEveryone on their side will create a defensive structure that will be key to containing the energy of Sancho and Adeyemi and the power of the Füllkrug tanks.

Possible line-up of Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid for the Champions League final.AS Diary

Turn for the violins. Kroos will take up the white baton for the last time and will have Valverde as an additional squire. Between Bed And Hawk They will have to free the Greifswald player from certain tasks while, especially the Uruguayan, takes advantage of their serves to break through the lines and connect with the offensive trident. Bellingham, Vinicius and Rodrygo will have the advantage. That’s it, the question is how or where.

Because Ancelotti redrew the pair of Brazilians and Englishmen several times. On paper, Jude will be something of a playmaker with a left-wing tendency, with numbers 7 and 11 taking over the attacking line. But it is possible that it will be postponed. Ray on the left foot, as originally happened against City, to take advantage of their conditions and bring Vinny especially in this area. About two hours before the game the answer.

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