Recommendations on indications for nurses are strengthened by medical support

Management fever-related nursing indications was first published in 2024. The document was approved last year and is the result consensus of doctor and nurse, seemingly finally burying the disagreements of the past. This is the seventh document approved, setting the trend as a guideline agreed upon by all participants that paves the way for future projects. In a case in point, doctors filed a legal challenge to the first two green-lit guidelines on diabetes and hypertension due to “writing problems.”

Now the recent approval strengthens the doctor-nurse duo who, with the approval of indication guidelines, aim to optimize the performance of the National Health System (SNS). Therefore, new recommendations that give nurses the opportunity to direct the use of ibuprofen and paracetamol are presented as consolidating the progress of these guidelinesthat give nurses more tools and speed up the work of multidisciplinary teams.

“We are pleased that further guidance has been published that integrates the indications for nurses to take medicines in their routine areas of practice,” the General Council of Nursing (CGE) said. Medical letter. The guidelines, published in the Official Gazette (BOE), were approved by the General Directorate of Pharmacy and Public Health and it has eight authors, including nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

Collaboration between doctor and nurse

The University Medical Organization (OMC) was also closely involved in the preparation of these documents. “This indication manual was agreed upon by all“We were directly involved in the work of the CGE,” Thomas Cobo, president of the OMC, explains to the newspaper. The doctor explains that he prescribes two drugs according to indications “that are present in the environment in which doctors work with nurses.”

“In this guide, in previous ones and in subsequent ones, we had direct, friendly and organized participation with the CGE and the health task force,” elaborates Cobo, who says that the publication of this guide is “natural and problematic.” free” and this takes into account your development “with medical expertise”.

Kobo: “We took a direct and organized part in CGE”

Likewise, the doctor shows that fever guidance is the way optimize multidisciplinary teams and eliminate procedures. “Our goal is to provide fast and safe care to patients,” concludes Cobo.

Fever Guide to Speed ​​Up Social Media

The guidelines for the indication, use and authorization of the dispensing of drugs for febrile processes were recognized by the Ministry of Health as “adequate and sufficient”. Published paper makes the case for nurses to be able to prescribe these drugs optimize the work of social networks. Fever is the leading cause of pediatric emergency care and the second most common cause in primary care.

Within the guidelines agreed upon by all parties, they give competition among nurses so that in relation to febrile processes they can initiate treatment, maintain it, modify it, temporarily interrupt and stop it.

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