Redsticks will also be in Paris!

Spanish field hockey continues to be congratulated. Another victory in the history of the team led by Max Caldas certifies together with the women’s team ticket to the Olympic Games in Paris. The Redsticks had the edge with goals. Rafael Villalonga and Mark Miralles and goalkeeper saves Luis Calzado.

From low to high, it was a match from the Spanish side who took the pass in a superb third quarter. However, in the first half, the Irish team tried more persistently to get close to the penalty area. Luis Calzado. The goalkeeper even had to stop a penalty kicked by Gispert early in the second quarter.


Images of the Spanish field hockey team classification for the Olympic Games.

Bil Aliño / EFE

Spain, very strong in defense, made it impossible for the Irish to arrive easily. Realizing the importance of winning today and playing an outstanding match from a tactical point of view,Redstix“They revolutionized the match after the break.

With clear ideas and a step forward in pressure, Spain forced situations of offensive dominance early in the third quarter. The first goal was scored in the first five minutes from a penalty kick. Rafael Villalonga He opened the scoring in favor of the team.

Spain men’s field hockey player Gerard Clapes regrets missing a chance against Ireland during the pre-Olympic semi-finals

Bil Aliño / EFE

Four minutes later Mark Miralles He scored another penalty corner to put more distance on the scoreboard. Spain took a giant step towards securing a ticket to Paris, and with fifteen minutes left, Max Caldas’s men felt comfortable on the pitch.

Despite the fact that Ireland tried to put pressure on the exit from behind Spain – in a very timid way –Redstix“They scored two more penalty corners. This time the team did not use them. Likewise, the Irish had one last opportunity to reduce the deficit on another penalty. However, the great intervention Luis Calzado Together with the Spanish defense, he avoided the opponent’s goal.

The end was reached and Spain achieved a historic pre-Olympic semi-final victory over Ireland. Goals Rafael Villalonga and Mark Miralles and great game under sticks Luis Calzado They closed out the match with a great third quarter in favor of the Redsticks. Like the women’s team, the Spanish team takes this victory. the long-awaited ticket to Paris.

Players of the Spanish men’s field hockey team celebrate their second goal against Ireland in the semi-finals of the Olympic qualification.

Bil Aliño / EFE


Spain 2 – 0 Ireland

2 – Spain: Luis Calzado, Alejandro Alonso, Javier Gispert, Alvaro Iglesias, Jose Basterra, Marc Miralles, Jordi Bonastre, Pepe Cunil, Joaquin Menini, Borja Lacalle and Alvaro Portugal. Also playing were Enrique Gonzalez, Marc Recasens, Marc Reine, Ignacio Rodriguez, Gerard Clapes and Rafael Villalonga.

0 – IrelandStarring: David Hart, Luke Madeley, Tim Cross, John McKee, Daragh Walsh, Shane O’Donoghue, Sean Murray, Jeremy Duncan, Michael Robson, Lee Cole and Nicholas Page. Also starring were Matthew Nelson, Kyle Marshall, Peter McKibbin, Jonathan Lynch, Sam Hyland and Ben Johnson.

Goals: 1-0, m.35: Rafael Villalonga. 2:0, m.39: Marc Miralles.

Judges: Ben Gentgen (Germany) and Nick Bennett (England). He warned Pepe Cunil with a green card.

Incidents: The men’s match of the first semi-final, corresponding to the pre-Olympic championship held in Valencia, is played at the Virgen del Carmen Betero sports center in front of approximately 2,000 spectators.

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