Reese Witherspoon is the new Tinker Bell


The face of a fairy, in fact, has it and now that Disney continues to design one live action after another, it could only be Reese Witherspoon the chosen one to interpret Tinker Bell (or Little bell, according to the translation from the original Tinkerbell, ed).

The actress, Oscar winner in 2006 for When love burns the soul, will be the mischievous fairy, Peter Pan’s helper, in the feature film inspired by the 1953 cartoon, which is finally taking shape.
Because, on balance, Disney has had at least five projects open for years on the character of Tinker Bell and only this time it seems that one is destined to go through.

A name for the director is missing, while it is confirmed that the screenplay will be curated by Victoria Strouse (Finding Nemo): The Hollywood Reporter, who gave the Witherspoon news exclusively, revealed that the live action should be developed similarly to what has been Maleficent.


Reese Witherspoon, in addition to having it checked on Elizabeth Banks (currently in the room with Pitch Perfect 2) for the role of Tinker Bell will wear, in addition to the fairy wings, also the producer clothes, together with Bruna Paprandrea.

Browse above Reese Whiterspoon’s gallery at OScar 2015; right, all the Disney classics

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