Reggio Calabria, in memory of Gigi Proietti: the details of the meeting with the Cultural Circle “L’Agorà”


Reggio Calabria: new remote meeting with the Cultural Circle “The Agora” on the theme “in memory of Gigi Proietti”

With the patronage of Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, the Cultural Circle “The Agora” from Reggio Calabria remotely organizes a special day of study on the subject “In memory of Gigi Proietti”. The Metropolitan City of Roma Capitale has made this concession to the Reggio cultural association as the initiative was deemed to be of particular value and significance for both the Authority and the metropolitan community.

Gigi Proietti was born in Rome on November 2, 1940 of Romano and Giovanna Ceci, he lived the first ten months of his life in a house in via di sant’Eligio (a side street of via Giulia) in Rome, and then moved near in the Colosseum area, then at the Tufello (where after his death a mural was made in his memory) and at the Alberone. After having obtained the classical high school diploma at the “Augusto” State High School in Rome, he enrolled in the degree course in Law at the “La Sapienza” University, which he will drop out at six exams after graduation. Passionate about music since childhood, he plays the guitar, the piano, the accordion and the double bass, and in his spare time he begins to perform as a singer at student parties, in open-air bars, and, later, in the most famous night-clubs. of the capital. At the age of 14 he had already made his debut in the cinema, as an extra in Vittorio Duse’s ’55 ‘Our champion’. Later he played a small part in “If you allow us to talk about women”, a 1964 film directed by Ettore Scola. In 1966 his real debut on the small and on the big screen in the role of a marshal of the carabinieri, a character that – 30 years later – he would reinterpret on TV in one of the most popular Rai series of all time: “Marshal Rocca “. The first experience in the cinema as a protagonist came, for Gigi Proietti, in ’68 in the film “L’urlo” by Tinto Brass.

Success, the real one, however, for the Roman actor began to arrive from the 70s. In 1970 he was called to replace Domenico Modugno, who had had an accident, in the musical comedy of Garinei and Giovannini “Alleluja brava gente”, in the role of Ademar. Theatrical trained artist, a field in which he has achieved considerable success since the early sixties. Known for his talents as a storyteller and transformer, he is considered one of the greatest exponents in the history of Italian theater; in 1963 thanks to Giancarlo Cobelli he made his debut in the Can Can of the Italians, and then continuously interpreted numerous theatrical performances up to the meeting with Carlo Molfese with whom he staged “A me gli occhi, please”, in 1976 at the Teatro Tenda in piazza Mancini in Rome, an example of theater-writing that marked a watershed in the way of understanding the theater, and which will be followed by numerous replicas also with new versions in 1993, 1996, and 2000, crossing the most important Italian theaters. The show marked a record of over 500,000 admissions at the Teatro Tenda in Rome. Theatrant, performer, film actor, TV, voice actor, conductor and artistic director, with his latest experience at the Globe Theater Silvano Toti in Rome. Gigi Proietti, 80 years spent on stages, film sets and television studios, never disappointing, never a misstep, never placing a step above his audience. For many the heir of Ettore Petrolini.

A great man, an immense artist, who left a very rich baggage to the world of culture of the Italian Peninsula. A true talent, from “Horse fever “ to dubbing: he lends his voice to Gatto Silvestro, paired with Loretta Goggi (who plays the canary Titti), and to the stars: Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman. Double Sylvester Stallone shouting “Adrianaaaaa!”, In the first Rocky. He had recently participated in the new season of Ulysses with Alberto Angela. From these figures the new conversation organized remotely by the Cultural Circle “L’Agorà”, having as its theme “in memory of Gigi Proietti”, in which Antonino Megali (partner and vice president of the organizing association) will participate as speaker. of the anti-contagion security protocols and the fluctuating results of the COVID 19 pandemic and in compliance with the rules of the DPCM of 24 October 2020, the conversation will be available, on the various Social Network platforms present in the network, starting from 17 September.

GIGI PROIETTI poster agorà


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