Relatives of Ecuadorian ‘Narco’ ‘Fito’ Macias deported from Argentina after massive operation

Various relatives and friends of the Ecuadorian drug trafficker Adolfo Macias alias ‘Fito’, a fugitive from justice and considered one of the people responsible for the wave of violence taking place in Ecuador, this Thursday in Córdoba (Argentina) Arrested and then deported to your country of origin.

As revealed by the newspaper bugleArgentine police forces deployed during Thursday night Large operation in the private neighborhood of Country del Golf on the outskirts of Cordoba Which included a helicopter, a large number of patrol officers and uniformed personnel.

Overall, they were eight people were arrested, including Macias’s wife, Inda Mariela Penarita Tuárez, and their three children: Michelle, 21; Ilse Maria, 12 years old; and Lian Sejam, 4 years old.

(Ecuador seeks CIA help and US weapons to respond “more forcefully” to murder of its prosecutor)

This operation, points out the Argentine newspaper, It was planned for four days, when they received information that the drug smuggler’s relatives were in Argentina city. The newspaper has given this information quoting official sources bugle It was reported that the Argentine Air Force flight was going to Ecuador left at 2:45 AM.

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, who was present during boarding, has scheduled a press conference at 12:00 local time, in which details will be given about the operation carried out, which led to the arrest of these eight people related to a major Ecuadorian drug trafficker. Concluded with arrest. ,

‘Fito’ Macias He escaped from the Littoral prison in Guayaquil city last Sunday. Leader of Los Choneros, Macías directs one of the armed criminal organizations designated by the Ecuadorian government Responsible for the rising wave of violence affecting the country,

Macias was in 2011 Sentenced to 34 years in prison for crimes related to drug trafficking, organized crime and murder, This is not the first time he has escaped from jail. Two years after entering the prison, along with other prisoners, he managed to bypass controls at La Roca maximum security prison. It took the authorities three months to catch him.

Last Tuesday, the country’s President Daniel Noboa ordered the existence of “internal armed conflict” in Ecuador after a group of armed criminals broke into a television channel in Guayaquil during a live broadcast. Among other measures, he designated several organized crime groups as terrorists.


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