release the premiere announcement of the group “Wicked”

Ariana Grande: discover the group's premiere announcement "Wicked"

Film “Verra le day in November” other. © Screen Capture

The American actress played the role of Glinda in the films of Cynthia Erivo.

Between music and cinema. This year, Ariana Grande has no choice but to make a choice. In 2024, the American artist will appear on the Wicked poster. Musical film made Jon Chu and he met the singer on stage in the role of Glinda. With these words, Cynthia Erivo performed Elphaba. Film adaptation of the 2003 musical comedy by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holtzman.dont une première Bande-annonce vient d’être devoilée.

In public, where the film premiered last spring, “Wicked” looks spot on. I adapted the book “Wicked: La Véritable Histoire de la méchante sorcière de l’Ouest” by the author Gregory Maguireand discover the universes of The Wizard of Oz sous l’oeil de Jon Chu. Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo play two magical girls, respectively., can’t afford all the green skin. À deux, they are devront défaire le Magicien d’Oz. Style for the public (re)discovery of the talents of actress Cynthia Erivowinner of the Grammy Award for Best Musical Comedy Album in 2017, as well as the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical Comedy in 2016.

“Wicked” will also be a reason to see Ariana Grande in movies again.. “We know that we are different from each other and between the memes and the differences we make to keep us excited about special things.avoiding the British actress at Vanity Fair. We hope that we can use our differences to introduce them to others. Nous ne repussons pas les gens parce qu’ils sont différents, nous les accueillons parce qu’ils sont spéciaux.” The meeting will take place in November 2024 to discover Ariana Grande in “Wicked”. Mais la singer or another important date in the son’s calendar. March 8 release of the seventh album “Eternal Sunshine”.ported for the single “Yes, And?”.

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