Rencontres du 3ème type, Paris, Texas… Wes Anderson has our books about Asteroid City.

Voices from films and books inspired by Wes Anderson for this chorale, à revoir ce soir sur Canal +.

Place in America, 1955 Asteroid city start with the mise-en-scène: playwright écrit sa nouvelle pièce et, sous les yeux du spectateur, des acteurs et un Narrateur donnent vie à ce recit qui s’incarne à l’écran. The object in question, Asteroid City, is discovered in the Western American desert. Elev and his parents gathered in this house for the Asteroids Journey. We expect the exchange to become the winner of the scientific course. But the manifestation is severely disrupted by a planetary event…

It’s noticeable that in full Anderson mode you multiply the plastically sublime vignettes, retro-kitsch sets, ultra-symmetrical shots and surreal references to the theater and cinema of the era. For a greater understanding of this great style of classic Hollywood and fifties theater, demanded by filmmakers and co-writers of films (and books) that are available for viewing for a long time.

Voila list:

The man is outdated John Sturges (1955)

Information: Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan.

Summarizes: Four years into its premiere, the train to Black Rock was lost on the plain. The visitor, John J. MacReady (who has had his bra amputated), interrogates several residents who meet sur-le-moyenne-de-se-rendre at a place where there is space: Adobe Flat. Calling this person, if completely inattentive, can cause the local population to become very aggressive. Plus Macready is trying to understand and raise questions, plus the population is threatening.

Un homme est passé

Petrified Forest d’Archie May (1936)

Information: Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Genevieve Tobin

Summarizes: In the desert region of Petrified Forest National Park, travel author Alan Squier stops at a small service station. Il rencontre la jeune et jolie Gabrielle, who loves a part of France. Mais leur idylle est de Courte Durée: l’irruption d’un Gangster sans foi ni loi va tout bouleverser.

La Forêt Petrifier

Bus Arret Joshua Logan (1956)

Information: Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O’Connell

Summarizes: A young cowboy, a participant in a rodeo in Phoenix, met a cabaret singer on a bus. S’éprenant de la Belle, il va alors tout faire pour qu’elle quitte son ranch et l’homme avec qui elle doit se marier…

bus stop

Paris, Texas Wim Wenders (1984)

Information: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Hunter Carson

Summarizes: A man suddenly changes clothes after four years of travel, and during a period when he sees no explanation, the son of a brother who came into the past. Their partner in Los Angeles rescues the children of an old childhood as well as parts of Texas in search of Jane, the child’s mother. Une quête vers l’inconnu, une découverte mutuelle will reunite these two days in the past.

Paris Texas

Picnic Joshua Logan (1955)

Information: Kim Novak, William Holden, Susan Strasberg

Summarizes: Man tombe amoureux, au cours d’un pique-nique, de la bride of the son of his best friend.


New York-Miami Frank Capra (1934)

Information: Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Ward Bond

Summarizes: Ellie was a millionaire and decided to unite New York. On the bus she met Pete, a journalist who understands what she is like and who will reward her. Peu à peu, alors que l’argent starts its fair by default and continues to hitchhike, Ellie learns from my friend Pete.

New YorkMiami

Meet Type 3 Steven Spielberg (1977)

Information: Richard Dreyfus, Francois Truffaut, Teri Garr

Description: In Indiana, the suspension that paralyzed the pier from an electrical shock, Roy Neary, cable repairman, voit une soucupe the steering wheel of a passerby on a car. As an expert on what’s going on with UFOs, Roy Neary feels obligated to remain silent by the federal government. Obsédé par ce qu’il a vu et hanté par une image de montagne qu’il essaie déséspérément de reconstitur, il est abandoned for women and children. An international commission led by the French scientist Claude Lacombe tried to penetrate the secret.

Meet Type 3

Hug me, idiot! Billy Wilder (1964)

Information: Dean Martin, Kim Novak, Ray Walston.

Summarizes: Dino, a charming singer who lives in a car in a small village in Nevada. Piano teacher Orville Spooner l’accueille et aimerait lui faire understands his songs. Il décide d’éloigner sa femme pour la faire, will replace the engaged Polly, serve at the bar and enter these hours. Dino peut donc seduire la supposed wedding, sans nuire au bonheur conjugal d’Orville. More rien ne se passe comme prevu…

Embrasse-moi idiot

Eat a torrent Vincente Minnelli (1958)

Information: Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra

Summarizes: Dave Hirsch, discharged from the Army, is an undiscovered author and newcomer. It was a beautiful morning as he rode the bus to Parkman, his hometown in Indiana. This is the work of Ginny Moorehead, the girl who feels in a hairbrush, relic de sa soirée bien imbibée de la veille. Dave is back, the son of Eine’s brother Frank, and his lover Gwen French, an Australian literature professor, strict…

Eat a torrent

Les Desaxes John Huston (1961)

Information: Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift

Summarizes: Années 50, Reno, Nevada, capital of the matrimonial industry and machines in the sou.
A young divorcee befriends a group of misfits consisting of an old cowboy, a mechanic with a heart of brisée, and a time-tested rodeo gentleman.
Le petit groupe part chasser le mustang sauvage…

you desax them

Other men’s Women William Wellman (1931)

Information: James Cagney, Mary Astor, Grant Withers…

Summarizes: Bill and Jack are friends on a long date. Bill is a seducer, Jack is a marifidel. Only today Bill is alive with Jack and loved by his woman Lily.

Another man's wife
Warner Bros.

In addition to Wes Anderson’s 11 films, there are two main courses. Name: Chuck Jones Warner Bros. star designer whose credits include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Pepe Le Pew. And the book: Moss Hart’s book, act one, Autobiography of the great American playwright, published in 1959.

Wes Anderson: “I love this idea of ​​a troupe. On dînait tous ensemble in a desert environment, it’s super!”

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