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gouache it’s a electric bike battery manufacturer whose ecological design allows them to be replace damaged components in just 10 minutes thus recovering a battery that can be used again as if it were new. In its latest round of financing, it has raised €3.3 million which it will use to market the battery to fleet operators and manufacturers and reinforce its 15-person team.

In a document published earlier this month, the European Confederation of the Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) expressed concern about the way electric bicycle batteries are repaired. “CONEBI is a strong supporter of using only original OEM certified batteries. We strongly discourage end users from using any repair services.”

A study conducted on hundreds of electric bike batteries that have already reached the end of their useful life showed that almost 80% of the components They were still in perfect working order. Starting from this scenario, in 2020, Alexandre Vallette, Maxime Agor and Maël Primet, founded the startup Gouach, based in Bordeaux, and created a patented battery design whose defective components can be replaced easily and safely.

The Gouach battery incorporates network connectionwhich allows users to perform a monitoring of its life cycle in real time through an application, optimize its use and receive alerts and precise diagnoses in case of failures. Fleet operators can collect data on battery usage at the charging point.

Currently, after an 18-month research and development phase and obtaining the necessary certifications, Gouach is carrying out a test phase with Ponythe French operator of electric bicycles and scooters that offers high-end self-service equipment.

The battery is designed and manufactured in France and can be repaired in less than 10 minutes. With it, the company hopes to reduce the volume of electronic waste by 70% and with it the carbon footprint of electric bicycle batteries. The company claims that its battery will help create a circular economysince it is possible to carry out repairs locally, creating employment, combating planned obsolescence and allowing the reuse and recycling of used cells, thus reducing carbon emissions.

The funding round in which you have raised from €3.3 million will allow Gouach market your battery and expand your team. It has been led by Breega and accompanied by the Business Angels of Gouach and the French regions of New Aquitaine and Bpifrance. “Our goal is to build and commercialize on a large scale the first electric battery for bicycles and scooters that can be completely repaired in less than 10 minutes. It is a great challenge but we are convinced that we can do it. For us, the support of Breega and our investors is a strong signal that a profound change is taking place”, said Alexandre Vallette, CEO of Gouach.

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