Ricardo Monreal is negotiating a candidacy with Va por México

Ricardo Monrealleader of the Morena senators, is negotiating a possible presidential candidacy with Va por México, the alliance formed by the PAN, PRI and PRD, confirmed to reforma, Jesús Zambrano, leader of the PRD.

According to what was published by the newspaper, Zambrano affirmed that the Monreal cycle in Morena is exhausted and that the “natural field” for the legislator is to join the coalition.

“The Monreal cycle in Morena is exhausted. Outside of Morena, his place is in the Opposition to contribute to the formation of a broad progressive and democratic opposition front ”.

However, Zambrano said that although different talks have been carried out, there is still no commitment from the senator.

according to the newspaperMonreal’s office confirmed that he has been in talks with various opposition leaders.

Ricardo Monreal and the break with Morena

For several months, Ricardo Monreal has expressed his disagreement with the way in which Morena will choose his presidential candidate, since he considers that he is excluded.

He has even said that if the party’s position is the same, he has nothing to do there.

In addition to his controversial statements, the senator has engaged in a media and legal fight with Layda Sansores, governor of Campeche, who accused him of treason and influence peddling.

Monreal has also said that he is not leaving Morena out of respect for López Obrador; however, he also believes that self-criticism from his party is necessary.

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