Richard Gere, in top form at 72 years old in these shirtless photos in Spain

Richard Gere He has spent a few days on vacation with his children and his current partner, Alejandra Silva, in the Balearic Islands, where the actor is already used to traveling on occasion with his family.

The actor keeps his link with Spain through his wife Alejandra Silvawith which married in 2018 following a Buddhist ritual, a religion that Gere professes, and that has led him to lead activist campaigns for the population of Tibet. She joins Alejandra with that activism, another of the personal facets for which Richard Gere stands out the most, apart from acting. With her he had her second child, Alexander, and in 2020 they became parents for the second time.

These children are joined Homer, 22 years oldthat the actor of ‘Officer and gentleman’ had with his former partner, Carey Lowell. Along with them has passed a few days in Formenterataking advantage of the good weather to take a bath in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere | gtres

But what has most caught the attention of his fans on this trip have been the photoswho has published exclusively the British newspaper Daily Mailand in which you can see a Richard Gere fitand that at 72 years old he can show off a body that he preserves well.

It was already seen in Ibizaanother of his favorite destinations, where he could also see Gere bathing and walking on the beachonce again showing his good physical shapeas you can see in these photos without a shirt.

Richard Gere in Ibiza

Richard Gere in Ibiza | gtres

The American rose to fame in the early 1980s with ‘American Gigolo‘, which he starred in alongside Debra Winger. Since then she started her fame as a sex icona reputation he continued to uphold in her next most famous roles as ‘Pretty Woman’which made Julia Roberts known and established Richard Gere.

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