Ricky Rubio returns and Spain smiles, although there is no Latvian rematch.

The point guard, who has recovered from mental health problems, returns to the court six months later. Defeat of Spain despite its final appearance

From a “very dark place” to the light of Prince Philip, from an already buried darkness to an ovation so heartfelt that the eyes Ricky Rubio, his half-smile, which is the full smile of all Spain, the complicity of his comrades. Six and a half months later, from where he left off, in the red colors of the national team, the point guard returned to full force of the ball, behind the dark clouds, “like a rookie.” (75-79: Narrative and Statistics)

February 22nd is one to remember. Ricky’s day. Spain couldn’t celebrate with a revenge win over Latvia, one of those victories that would have been a thorn in the side as what happened in Jakarta still hurts, bidding farewell to the World Cup early after losing to the deadly shooters Luca Banks. This tournament was marked even before it began, when Ricky left the hotel in Madrid to put an end to his career, which now stands alone, to take care of his mental health with the courage of those who do not hide their problems.

Despite everyone’s attention on him, from his solo warm-up to his recovery exercises, Ricky’s serious expression and absolute concentration attracted attention. It was a discovery of what he had been doing since before he was a child: competing in the ACB at age 14, competing in the Olympic finals at age 17, and winning the Euroleague at age 19. So. He has not played in an official match since April and has not worn a national team jersey in Saitama since August 2021, when he scored 38 points against the United States in the quarterfinals of the Games.

Pradilla completes the pass to Ricky. Javier Cebollada

Spain and Ricky had a hard time keeping up. It was an absolutely tense first half, lagging behind the Latvian momentum of that breakneck game. physical and aggressive, which Bunchy imposes, the one who surprised everyone at the last world championship (fifth), although this time he was not enough Smits, Zagars and Davis Bertans. Despite the initial three Juanchothe team faced a giant Kavars, which dominated the area and influenced almost everything. Back to the beginning Joel Parra He sprained his left ankle and never returned. Impudence Brizuela woke up those whom Sergio Scariolobut three triples in a row from the guests (two from Timma) set an alarming maximum (22-34).

Ricky missed his first three shots, but soon began doing what he always did best: making others happy. Special connection with Jaime Pradilla, to whom he left two bullfight passes so that he could crush the ring single-handedly. His first scoring debut was two free throws, in a hurry with which Spain closed to Latvia (37-40) before the break.

But the return was a start all over again, and again, damn Scariolo’s desperation. It was already clear that Ricky had not yet regained his sense of touch, although he continued to line Pradilla’s pockets. Went with Alberto Diaz on the court as the defense and intensity finally showed. The team came on time, although when Brizuela was able to tie the game, he missed two free throws. But the Barça defender was human: he redeemed himself with two baskets, pure electricity, and Spain tied the game right at the end of the third act (57-57). Soon after, a free kick Sebas Saizthe return was completed.


But Spain rowed too hard, and Latvia still had some trump cards up its sleeve. They stretched the rope again with their offensive rebounds, weapons of mass destruction, second chances that negated all the good defensive performances of the locals. And although Ricky returned to the track with the intention of celebrating his return with a feat, it was not enough.

The one from Masnou took responsibility despite his previous mistakes, scoring his first basket, more free throws and a triple that Prince Felipe lit up. Nine of his 11 points at the finish would die on the beach because in front of the three Lomash It was deadly. In this abyss of desperate comeback, Ricky himself missed two free throws, which buried all the chances of Spain to win. Although this time Prince Felipe’s result was the least important. Ricky is back, Spain is smiling. This is a triumph.

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