Rihanna: “Avoir un gros postérieur is not my never-interested car…”

American star Rihanna recently suffered a major meltdown, as well as an unexpected revelation.

Many artists in music or other sectors turn to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. La beauté demeure l’un des critères privilégiés at show business universities.

In addition, the artist Rihanna, when she was, experienced a different perspective and a leisurely understanding that she did not consider it necessary to avoid the impressive follow-up.

Throughout the entire car, the singer maintained a slender silhouette, confirming that her talent lives on until it is in private.

“Avoid having a big rear end has never interested me, my front end is the best time for me in terms of a great physique.

D’aileurs, j’ai déjà une belle taille tout en étant mince et je crois même que c’est l’une des chooses qui font que que some people don’t come so I sort de Leur tête au point de me clasher même dans leur chanson.

Along the way, I mentioned the person’s name.”at-elle declaré.

Bien que la star ne s’investisse pas for avoir des généreuses, elle ne manque pas de provoquer avec des tenues osées. Avant d’etre enceinte, elle avait posé with a transparent robe that can be easily worn with the toilet.

It is noted that in 2023, Rihanna will register the second-largest anniversary in streaming history for a woman with 10 billion records.

Elle n’a pas sorti d’album depuis huit ans. Your fortune is estimated at 1.7 billion dollars (about 1.014 billion FCFA francs).

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