Rihanna: her baby is already a real regular on private jet trips!

Rihanna hasn’t changed her habits since becoming a mother. The star always travels in a jet, and takes baby with her!

After giving birth to her baby, Rihanna’s life has not changed! The star always travels by private jet. And her little boy follows her on board wherever she goes! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Rihanna an ultra-protective mom

Since his birth on May 13, Rihanna’s baby has been the delight of the singer. The one that comes from make a new hit with his shirtis filled with happiness.

The singer is so busy in her new life as a mom, that some of her projects are falling behind schedule. his album won’t see the light of day for a while. So much for the fans!

However, the star remains discreet. No question of exposing his son to the sight of the paparazzi. Rihanna prefers discretion and gives little information about her infant.

We don’t even know his name yet! The interpreter of “Umbrella” wants to maintain a private life. “Rihanna isn’t quite ready to introduce her baby to the world just yet”recently confided a source before adding:

“He is still very young and she is still managing the transition into motherhood. Rihanna is extremely protective of her baby and only lets a select group of close friends and family meet him..

The same person adds: ” With some exceptions, Rihanna hasn’t been one to share much of her life personally on social media. »

“She learns and takes each day as it comes, but is dedicated to being the best mother possible. This is the most important moment of her life and she takes it very seriously. » Nevertheless, it is gradually starting to appear in public.

Rihanna her baby is already a real regular on private jet trips!
Rihanna her baby is already a real regular on private jet trips!

A life as a star baby

Recently, the star was spotted at the Wireless Festival in London. This one had come to attend a concert of her companion, A$AP Rocky. But Rihanna seemed uncomfortable during this public outing.

The crowd and the difficulty of getting close to the stage to see her man play, seemed to annoy her somewhat. This one seemed much more relaxed when her last romantic date with the father of her child At New York.

What we do know, however, is that Rihanna does not hesitate to travel with her son. The little boy indeed follows her wherever she goes. Travel mostly made by private jet!

This is how this Sunday, the singer and A$AP Rocky landed in Los Angeles. The two lovebirds landed from their jet with baby under their arm!

Dressed in a simple and comfortable look, Rihanna wore black sweatpants and a sweatshirt of the same color. Her baby meanwhile had been placed in a bassinet carried by a member of the crew.

Asked by the media People, a source said that the little boy was in good health. “Rihanna is just in awe of him”she explained, adding that the star barely leaves him. She’s a fantastic mom.”concluded the source.

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