Rihanna in a baggy delavee and cashmere sweatshirt offers a d’après-ski shade worth more than 7,000 euros.

Ski holiday for Rihanna and her family. The singer repeated this in Aspen, Colorado, in a place worthy of the greatest catwalk greats.

Rihanna A mountain tour is offered with A$AP Rocky and two songs: RZA and Riot Rose. A pair very similar to the Puma brand, the rapper who performs under the pseudonym “artistic director of the line” dedicated to Formula 1, dances as the singer often shouts from the baskets of sports equipment, and demonstrates all that is required for mastery. lors d’une sortie at a ski station in Aspen, immortalized by paparazzi.

A$AP Rocky in full look Bottega Veneta, consisting of a faux shearling coat, metallic trousers, yellow suede boots and a cashmere hoodie. Son Côté’s Rihanna wears her meme gray hoodie. Bottega Veneta, costing 2700 euros. Aux pieds, elle arborait également les bottines Haddock “Griffa”, directing couple Mathieu Blasi depuis 2020. In addition, elle avait enfilé is an oversized jacket in Laine Ivoire. Saint Laurentsold on the French house’s website for 3,590 euros, and a baggy delave. Balenciaga. Leurs enfants, quant à eux, étaient habilles de Gucci des pieds à la tête. What do the different brands chosen by the Fenty Myers family have in common? Appartiennent toutes au groupe Kering, qui détient également Alexander McQueen and a small part of the capital cougar. A boucle is just a boucle.

Singer, entrepreneur, consummate and consummate entertainer, Rihanna is a fashion icon for millions of fans. With 150 million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most followed people in the world. Hailing from Barbados, he started out as a name in the music industry in the 2000s with pop and rhythmic songs. Ojourduy, she continues to impress in development they are called label de vêtements, Savage x Fentyalthough this is a sign of beauty, Fenty Beauty.

The Lorskel variety is the highest grade. Press replay Rihanna Arbore in 2005 decisive and deconstructive image. These clothes mainly consist of low-cut jeans and worn-out high-top sneakers, which are so often worn with red tapis during the day. Il faudra visits his son’s second album A girl like me pour la voir s’affirmer davantage et oser des tenues plus audacieuses.

Rihanna looks young
Rihanna at Jean Taille Basse, December 6, 2005 © Avalon/ABACA

Rihanna is one such icon who is just as good as to risk – meme si cela ne plaît paît pas à tout le monde. Sur le Tapis Rouge, elle Oscille Entre des Tenues Très Masculines, like two suits, extravagant and colorful silhouettes. On se souvient tous-tes de la robe Jaune Poussin XXL Guo Pei qu’elle avait choisi d’enfiler pour le Met Gala in 2015 (not the theme of “La Chine à travers le miroir”, ndlr), and qui avait quickly été surnommée, with humor, “la robe omelette”.

What does rudeness look like?

Maternity dresses? Pas du tout sa tasse de thé. For the premiere and the second rudeness, Rihanna applies an impeccable recipe: des vêtements qui mettent en valeur son ventre, plutôt que de le dissimuler. In February 2023, Grimpe sur scène (suspended plate with extra meters of au-dessus du sol) will present the performance très visitue lors de Mi-Temp Super Cup. Dim? Combination of Loewe bustier and XXL coat in Alaïa leather. Everything is in red monochrome.

Comment on how Rihanna is on stage?

Rihanna is an artist who excels on stage, not only for her incomprehensible voice, but also for her extraordinary events. She keeps changing the location for more meme concert pendants, creating them again. unique scenography in the pledge with chansons that interpret. She chooses rules for high fashion items that are part of the spectacle.

What do your everyday silhouettes look like?

In everyday life, Rihanna prefers comfort, tout en restant ultra feminine. You can choose long shadows without contracts, wide T-shirts and trousers for sleep, details from details – jewelry for legs or lunettes in the sun with tres-graphics.

What are your favorite brands?

Gucci, Mark JacobsTom Ford BalmainOff white, Balenciaga…List of houses that don’t know that the singer is a long bra. Passionate about fashion, she eventually created her own lingerie brand in 2018, baptism Savage x Fenty – clin d’œil à son nom de famille. An even more recent release is Fenty, the luxury brand launch from LVMH that has been on hiatus for two years.

More precisely, n’essayant pas d’imiter quiconque. One rule: you have fun and stay true to your memes. This is a strong and modern message that the young woman conveys in every appearance. Inspirer.

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