Rihanna is at the heart of Louis Vuitton’s rural inspiration

Martin Simscampaign guide Louis Vuitton, is an income inspired by the French brand au micro de Complex. Elle confirms it avoids Pris Rihanna as a model for implementing a video campaign Louis Vuitton.

Rihanna and the music icon

Martin Sims fact, revelation étonnante à Difficult Se mercredi. Charge d’Affaires for the Marche de Campaign Louis Vuitton avoue s’être, inspired Rihanna lors d’une countryside LV. In the process of reflection, the artist reimagines photographs of Rihanna on the street on the main street. Ce sont ces photos et l’énergie qu’elles dégagent qui lui ont permis d’imaginer la Campagne Summers/été de Louis Vuitton. “Jand think about all those incredible photos of her, a street vendor with wine » praise of the artist.

Lors de la réalisation de la Campagne, le verre de vin est replaced by café puisque. Rihanna This is a fence. Martina Sims plays in Barbados as people icon. Plus a refund, yes LeBron James which is the heritage of the French luxury brand: “ LeBron with this pea parfait. Il est en plain formme. And I don’t have the impression that we have to look at black men in this fashion. » Martina Sims is acquitted. LeBron James begins his career with requests from Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton. The American Basket Maker collaborated with Pharrell and LV last October.

New luxury gear for the best basketball players in history.

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