Rihanna: this difficult decision made after the arrest of A$AP Rocky

While everything was going well for Rihanna since the announcement of her pregnancy, everything was turned upside down on April 20. That day, while Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spending a few romantic days in Barbados, the rapper returned alone and was arrested at the Los Angeles airport. This arrest followed a shooting that occurred in November 2021 in which the artist would be involved following the testimony of one of the victims. The investigation is currently ongoing, but A$AP Rocky was able to be released by paying a particularly high bond.
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Rihanna in shock

Upset by the arrest of her companion, Rihanna would have decided to purely and simply cancel her baby shower which was to be a moment of reunion and celebration before the arrival of her first child. A difficult choice for the singer who no longer had the head to think about all this, as explained by several relatives quoted in the American media.

While waiting for justice to do its job, the couple is trying to get back on track, but Rihanna would be inconsolable as the baby’s arrival is imminent.

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