Rihanna’s daddy in the heart of the new countryside Fenty Skin

A$AP Rocky: Rihanna's dad at the center of new Fenty Skin campaign

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky for Vogue. © Instagram

Il fait la Promotion du Nouveau baume à Lèvres.

Pair A$AP Rocky Andt Rihanna fait rever le monde entier. Two American stars – a gift from the parents of two charming little dogs: Relay protection and protectionnot in 2022, etc. Riotand not in 2023. ils formed a couple plus qu’iconicique, a stylish, extremely talented and inseparable family. Say what Rihanna gave her son a daddy to promote her son Tout Nouveau baume à Lèvres from the Fenty Skin brand.

In a kind video published on the social networks of the translator brand “Works”, on and voit A$AP Rocky I took with me the Nuvo Lux balm, “bRise à lèvres à la cerise de la Barbade”island of origin Rihanna. Product Replenish vitamin E and shea for life-restoring benefits with instant hydration.. The music accompanying the video is unknown to the public. Song “Riot”, an excerpt from the participant’s discographyA$AP Mob varieties in juillet dernier. In parole, the countryside is easily reproduced.. “Glossy, glossy, No, bitch, this is not lip gloss / Luxury balm in the palm of my hand / New collaboration with my mommy”peut-on l’entendre rapper.

In a recent interview with Complex, the rapper is only superficially confident. creativity sa femme. “This is a creative phenomenon., “I will apply for cooperation with my partner”. Liquid suit: “Great selection from our staff, baby products, great selection to look forward to visiting.”. Also announced in November: “I think our Faisons have three good jobs on children’s collaboration and creativity. I think this is our best creation yet.”

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