Rina Sawayama wears rolled-up jeans to a Haute Couture show

Needless to say, the singer and model, who is promoting her new single Catch Me In The Airexperience Haute Couture Week true to its style codes: with mini dresses, hip pants and cropped tops. To witness the new creations of Virginie Viardthe singer brought her Chanel heritage into the 21st century with a cropped crop top and folded-hem jeans, the best dressed style trick as Sarah Jessica Parker.

Rina Sawayama wears rolled-up jeans to the Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2022 show

The singer looks attentively at the Haute Couture proposals of the house.

Embodying the Pop muse that she is, Rina Sawayama wore a silky pink crop top under endless layers of necklaces (very Coco Chanel), hip jeans with the folded hem that made her look taller and a couple of loafersthe new footwear of the it-girls and supermodels like Bella Hadid. Because let’s be honest, who wants to wear heels to get around a venue to another? But that’s another story, the important thing is Rina’s ability to stylize a look that respects the tradition and legendary signs of Chanel and make them her own with personality.

Nor can we fail to emphasize that the magic of this look is in its accessoriesa clutch bathed in pearls, a gold belt with diamonds, hoop earrings gold XL, a headband with the now classic intertwined CC and some sunglasses large format. More is more, and Rina Sawayama always live for more.

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