Rise of the Ronin is offering a gift to all PS5 players

There are just over two months left until the launch of the exclusive game for PlayStation 5.

Rise of the Ronin is offering a gift to all PS5 players
Rise of the Ronin will be exclusive to PS5

There are just over two months left until one of the first PS5 exclusive games is released this year. Near Rise of the Ronin, an open-world combat RPG offering an epic journey through war-torn Japan in the 19th century. Now, after announcing its release date at The Game Awards, a new release from Team Ninja offers a gift to all players of the new generation Sony console.

The game’s website has been updated to include factions of the Bakumatsu period, focusing on the key political factions vying for power during the turbulent era upon which the story is based. Thus the forces are represented against the shogunatewho seek to restore imperial power; strengths in favor of the shogunate, advocates of centralized government; and strength westcatalysts for Japan’s openness to change and foreign trade.

Players are invited to meet two characters from each faction, as well as download an avatar for each of them. Thus, Six PS5 avatars can be downloaded for free starting todaywhen:

  • Naosuke II (Sabaku): Tairo of the shogunate and lord of the Hikone clan.
  • Taka Murayama (Sabaku): a famous geisha from the Miyozaki entertainment district in Yokohama.
  • Ryoma Sakamoto (Tobaku): A Ronin who belonged to the Tosa clan.
  • Kogoro Katsura (Tobaku): Feudal retainer of the Choshu clan and comrade of Shoin Yoshida.
  • Matthew Perry (Obey): US Navy Commodore
  • Rutherford Alcock (Obey): British diplomat

Download six PS5 avatars for FREE

Rise of the Ronin will be exclusive to PS5

A mixture of Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and Ghost of Tsushima. This is what was expected of Rise of the Ronin in the past, now knowing that it will be a game where history will develop differently depending on the decisions you make and the characters you ally with along the way. open world in which you will meet key figures who will shape the course of history and ordinary citizens who are looking for a light to guide them in the darkness. All this through very attractive and accessible fightwith difficulty levels to suit any playstyle.

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