RMRK releases the most advanced NFT project in the world


Zug, Switzerland – RMRK, an advanced project dedicated to non-fungible tokens, has launched the new “Kanaria” series, ushering in the first wave of next-generation NFTs.

Mahalleinir of D1 Ventures, an early supporter of the project, commented:

“The long-awaited release of Kanaria and trading has been well received by the community. Bruno, thanks to his forward-thinking vision, has been able to achieve with the RMRK standard on Kusama what many on Ethereum are still trying to achieve.”

In March of this year, RMRK launched a “Gamified Initial Collectible Offering” called Kanaria, paving the way for crowdfunding in NFTs and earning $ 6 million through the sale of limited edition NFT eggs. Participants claimed over 8,500 eggs out of a total of 9,999.

Thanks to the innovative feature of on-chain emotes, users were able to share their reactions to these NFTs, influencing the appearance, feel, functionality and inventory of digital birds that would then “hatch” from the eggs. Beginning in September, the eggs hatched in advanced NFTs on the Kusama blockchain, Polkadot’s canary network.

Bruno Škvorc, founder of the RMRK project, explained:

“RMRK’s NFTs are natively linked to each chain that connects to the relay chain [Kusama]. “

Thanks to this latest update, Kanaria is now a full-fledged NFT ecosystem, complete with a secondary market where items, such as wearables and wallpapers, can be traded between digital bird owners. The company plans to release additional compatible NFTs in the future.

The RMRK team is looking to leverage Kanaria’s success by making the RMRK 2.0 standard available for adoption across all substrate-based ecosystems, and subsequently across Ethereum Virtual Machine chains such as Polygon and Moonriver.

Thanks to powerful partnerships with some of the largest parachains and candidates in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, the RMRK 2.0 standard for NFTs is poised to become Polkadot’s first unofficial shared-runtime environment. This will allow the transfer of non-fungible assets to and from any supported chain, natively and at almost zero cost: the evolutionary and multichain nature of these NFTs opens completely new doors.

Škvorc said:

“Imagine releasing a game, and reusing existing NFTs simply by adding a new asset to it: this will give them eternal liquidity and long-term compatibility, with no need to plan ahead. Imagine if it were possible to add a branded hoodie to a Cryptopunk, would offer a lot of exposure! “

For more information on RMRK, click here. To learn more about Kanaria, please visit this page instead, or click here to try version 1.0 of the official trading interface, called Singular. You can also watch a live demo of Kanaria’s features on this crowdcast.

You can contact the team by email, on Telegram or on Twitter, or read the official RMRK blog on Subsocial.

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