Robbery in Sancti Spiritus could leave Cuban markets without onions

The theft of 5.75 quintals of Caribe 71 onion seeds and 18 kg of cabbage seeds from a Sancti Spiritus refrigerator will impact cold season bulb planting in Cuba. Presence in the markets.

The theft has caused a loss of 1,508,204 pesos so far Cuba’s economy batteredlocal newspaper says Escambre,

This theft had a negative impact on onion sowing in the current cold season, as it was Caribe 71 seed, which is produced nationally and destined for the producing center of Banaue and several Cuban provinces such as Pinar del Río, Mayabeque, Granma. it was done. Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila reported Escambre Orestes Ramírez Salas, provincial director of the Semilas Sancti Spiritus Base Business Unit (UEB).

“Due to this impact, sowing has stopped in a large number of hectares in the country. “Seeds could not be imported for onion sowing this year because we all know the limitations and Carib 71 of the national production had to be used,” he lamented.

“We really feel very impacted and I’m not just talking about the monetary value; Rather, the fact is that growers were left without seeds and ultimately the population suffered as a result,” he concluded.

The robbery took place on August 28 and six people involved had already been arrested and admitted their involvement in the incidents.

Similarly, 5.34 quintals of onion seeds and 26 packets of cabbage seeds were recovered in the bushes of a field where the thieves had hidden them.

However, outside of refrigeration the seeds lost their germination and could not be used.

Among the six people involved, who have been charged with forceful robbery, were two former meat processing plant employees who provided information to gain access to the cold room and circumvent security.

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