Roberto Franco: The hitman may have threatened a motorcyclist to flee in the Parque de la 93 – Bogotá

24 hours after the brutal murder of Businessman Roberto Franco Chari in 93rd ParkA specific area of ​​Bogotá, authorities are moving forward in the investigation to clarify minute-by-minute details of the attack that has residents of this area worried.

In fact, from the very first moment it was established that Franco I’ll do a million-dollar audit And, as a result of their work, they may have received death threats. Investigators are evaluating this hypothesis, but the investigation is progressing to definitively establish the reasons why the hitman murdered her.

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What is already clear is that the attackers who attacked Franco had been studying him for several days and knew the movements he made in the 93rd park, which is the location. Company El Arozal and CIA SCAWhere he was an advisor since 2017.

At the time of the attack, a hitman took advantage of the fact that Franco came in his luxurious car as co-pilot, and drove into a private parking spot. Within 6 seconds, the gunman entered the scene, waited for the businessman to exit his vehicle and shot him four times in the back.

Murder in 93rd Park

Murder in 93rd Park.

In a video which was an important part of the investigation, it was also seen that when The hitman fled before the automatic parking lot door could completely close.

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The criminal fled the scene and at that moment gunfire began throughout 93rd Park, as Franco’s personal security and another group of bodyguards pursued the attackers.

Initially it was said that four people would be involved in the crime, but this Thursday, Bogota Police Commander Jose Gualdron said that two people were involved in the crime.

Hitman’s Run in 93rd Park

Another key video to establish the whereabouts of one of the hitmen, believed to be the shooter, shows the man posing as Griller as he boards a motorcycle, which was his escape route.

Roberto Franco Chari: Hitman 2

That was the moment the hitman entered the parking lot and murdered Franco Chari.

However, one of the escorts fired at them and the escaping motorcycle did not start. Immediately, the hitman decided to get out of that vehicle and ran to board another motorcycle.

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Now, Investigators said the hitman had threatened a motorcyclist Who was casually crossing the park on 93rd and threatened him to flee from the crime scene.

The motorcycle that did not start was left at the scene and is one of the elements analyzed by the police and the prosecutor’s office. The driver of the fleeing motorcycle also fled, but a bodyguard reportedly hit him with a gunshot, but there was no serious injury.

At this time that person is in power.

Whereas, jose gualdronThe commander of the Bogota Metropolitan Police said that the arrested person is 28 years old and a Colombian.

He said the motorcycle that was used by the hitman was stolen in Medellin in November last year. The criminals changed his license plate.

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